3 Awesome Wedding Gifts for Whiskey Aficionados

3 Awesome Wedding Gifts for Whiskey Aficionados

If you have a couple of friends getting hitched, you may be pondering what to get them.

Think about their tastes, their hobbies, and what they enjoy. If they’re dedicated whiskey lovers, congratulations – you have some cool friends. But, more importantly, you have some awesome options for wedding gifts.

3 Whiskey Gifts and Accessories for Discerning Brides and Grooms

Your friends or relatives will appreciate wedding gifts that help them enjoy their brown spirits. If they have discerning taste, they’ll love any of these options.

1. Custom Engraved Whiskey Spheres

Whiskey spheres are an innovative way to cool your drink. They’re stainless steel and filled with a food-safe chilling liquid that has a low freezing point. This means you can pop them in your drink and they’ll chill it without the watering-down effect from ice cubes. They’ll also keep it cool longer.

When you’re drinking good whiskey, you don’t want to ruin its flavor. This is a practical and elegant way to drink it cold while keeping it pure.

Sweeten the deal and personalize the new bride and groom’s spheres with their initials. It’s the perfect, custom gift they’ll use for years and years.

2. Whiskey Stones or Bullets

If the happy couple would appreciate a more natural way to cool their drinks, gift them a set of whiskey stones. These are made from soapstone, a naturally-occurring mineral, which absorbs and retains the cold when it’s exposed to your freezer.

Just like spheres, stones cool your drink without melting. They add zero flavor and won’t water down your drink’s aroma or tasting notes.

If the bride and groom are fond of James Bond, there’s also Whiskey Bullets. Much like the stones, you pop these in your freezer to get them nice and cold, then drop a few in your drink. They’re made of stainless steel and give your liquor the perfect chill.

Get these engraved, or purchase the additional wooden gift box, to make this a truly special gift. These Bullets additionally make a great gift for groomsmen.

3. Whiskey Barrel Accessories

The true spirits lover will appreciate whiskey barrel accessories. These are crafted from real whiskey barrels and are fun as well as sentimental. Rings and cuff links are just a few examples.

The barrel is imbued with the color and fragrance from the liquid it holds, and no two barrels are alike. This means no two accessories made from the barrels are alike. What you end up with is a unique gift the newly-wedded couple will cherish for years and years.

Don’t Get the Happy Couple Another Blender!

The couple in your life with elegant tastes will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you choose any of these wedding gifts. Whiskey gifts and accessories are the perfect complements to the lives of discerning drink enthusiasts.

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