What Is SipDark?

SipDark was founded by two friends who shared a passion for making the finer things in life, better. We combined that with our love for whiskey to create a one-stop-shop for all things whiskey related. Whether it is your whiskey glassware, beverage chilling, groomsmen accessories or personalized gifts, we are constantly evolving to provide our customers with the most unique and best whiskey accessories on the market. 

What is a Whiskey Stone?

Whiskey stones can be produced from a few materials, but the most common are made from Stainless Steel and Soapstone. They are used to chill your beverage without diluting the flavors or adding in unwanted flavors and smells.

Which Whiskey Stone is the most effective?

When comparing soapstone to stainless steel whiskey stones, the stainless steel version is much more effective in both degree of temperature it lowers to and also the amount of time the beverage stays cool for.  Soapstone whiskey stones are a more traditional product that adds a slight chill to your whiskey without altering the flavor much whereas Stainless steel whiskey stones will act more like ice to drop the temperature down significantly.

What are LoBalls?

SipDark's "LoBalls" are our version of an ice chilling sphere. Similar to whiskey stones, our LoBalls are designed to be used in both whiskey and wine to substitute having to add in ice.  We suggest to avoid ice in whiskey because of unwanted flavors and smells that may be in water or a fridge. 

What is an Angels Share Dropper?

Just one little drop of water can make a big difference to the taste of your whiskey, and the unique Angels’ Share Glass Whiskey Diluting Dropper is the perfect tool for adding a wee drop to your dram.

The dropper is handmade in Scotland by master craftsmen and allows the finest control over the water flow; releasing just one drop at a time so you can dilute your whiskey just the way you like it.

Where are your products made?

We actually have products that are manufactured in the USA, Scotland, China and Australia. Our "core" products are currently being made in the USA, specifically Minnesota - Our home state. We work very hard to have and to convert most, if not all, of our products to be made locally with vet owned establishments. 

Who designs our products?

Products that are unique to SipDark, like the whiskey bullets, Fanelli cigar rest, whiskey bullet cylinder, whiskey golf ball chillers, etc. are all designed in house by our co-founder Mark. Having a masters in engineering, Mark can easily see an opportunity, need or want for a whiskey product and create it.  It makes for great happy hours. 

Who are the personalized products intended for?

That's up to you. We've mass engraved products for cooperate events, countless weddings, groomsmen gifts, birthdays and as gag gifts. We don't care what you want to engrave on the product as long as it fits. Our engravers work hard to ensure all of our orders are done correctly. If you ever have a question regarding engraving, please feel free to reach out to us at