How to Choose the Right Whiskey Stones for Your Favorite Liquor

How to Choose the Right Whiskey Stones for Your Favorite Liquor

A good bottle of fine Scotch, bourbon, or rye is something to savor. You want to take your time with each sip, letting the aroma tickle your nose and the taste spread slowly across your tongue.

It’s easy to see why most whiskey purists will refuse ice in their glasses. The ice dilutes not only the liquid but also the flavor and the scent.

Drinking your liquor at a cooler temperature than lukewarm without ice is a quandary. But, the answer is simple. It’s whiskey stones.

Of course, it would be even simpler if there was only one type of stone to clink in your whiskey glass.

Since there isn’t, and since spirit devotees want to know what will give them the best-tasting experience, here’s how to choose whiskey stones.

What’s Better to Chill Your Whiskey?

If you’re concerned about chillers adding a funky taste to your drink, you don’t have to worry. None of the whiskey stones add any extra flavor.

Plus, if you store them in your freezer, you’ll always have them ready to go for unexpected company. In contrast, if you forget to make ice, you’re out of luck.

Here are some other considerations to make when choosing ways to chill your liquor.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Bullets, Cubes, or Spheres

If you want cold liquor, go with stainless steel chillers. These get colder than any other material and maintain that coolness longer.

If you care about looking cool more than the chill factor, go for whiskey bullets. You’ll feel like a secret agent and keep your drink cold with zero dilution. If you want your drink as cold as possible for as long as possible, go for cube-shaped chillers. This shape puts the most surface area in contact with your brown spirits, which gets it colder more effectively.

Soapstone Whiskey Stones

One drawback of stainless steel chillers is that they can be clunky in your glass. If you want something smaller, soapstone may be a better option.

In addition, soapstone is cheaper than stainless steel. They won’t cool off a warm drink, but they’ll keep a cool drink at a pretty consistent temperature for a good length of time. Soapstone is also a better option if you want an all-natural material in contact with your beverage, but you still don’t want ice.

Chill Your Whiskey Glass to Taste

As it turns out, there is no perfect way to chill your adult beverage. The type of stones you use will depend on your preferences.

The good news? Whether you like your liquor as icy cold as possible without ice, lukewarm, or somewhere in-between, there’s a whiskey accessory out there for you. Plus, chillers make fantastic gifts for any spirit enthusiast in your life.

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