3 Whiskey Trends for 2017 on Our Radar

3 Whiskey Trends for 2017 on Our Radar

So far, this year, whiskey has both jumped into the future and leaned back on tradition. Some spirits that have long been derided or avoided are becoming acceptable options. There are even new blends hitting the market as distilleries get creative.

Here is what you should be swirling in your whiskey glass as we head into the back end of the year.

3 Spirit Trends to Fill Up Your Whiskey Glass

Whiskey continues to be one of the most popular spirits, but what are some trends you should be noting? Three are listed here for your consideration. The next time you need a classy wedding gift or a bottle to compliment your cool, new whiskey stones, consider one of these.

1. Blended Options are Growing in Popularity

Blended whiskey is shucking off its well-worn mantle as the cheap, inferior option on the shelf. Instead, Scotch lovers are recognizing blended varieties for what they are: an affordable way to break into the drinking culture. Single malt Scotch is getting expensive, so blends of Scotch are a good alternative.

Blends additionally offer up flavor that’s unique. Those who love smoke can get a blend that suits their taste-buds, as can people who go for the honey notes. The sky’s the limit.

2. The Irish Are Having a Moment

According to Whiskey Wash, Irish varieties are continuing to rise among the ranks. Handfuls of Irish distilleries opened in 2016, and they’re not slowing down. These Irish spirits are supposedly sweeter than other kinds. Of course, this sweetness appeals to sugar-loving Americans.

Irish brand Jameson continues to be the most popular brand dominating sales for the Emerald Isle.

3. Flavored Whiskeys Are Here to Stay

Not everyone is a whiskey purist. Some of us want its complex flavor heightened or complemented with additions or mix-ins. Cocktails are old-hat – now is the time for flavored whiskeys.

Relatively new options on the market include cinnamon and honey-flavored brown spirits. These tap into the liquid’s reputation for complex tasting notes, and can bring out those undertones even more.

Of course, if you do enjoy a whiskey cocktail, that option is still there. Try a flavored variety to see what new twists you can make on classics like the Manhattan or the Old-Fashioned. You must admit, it’s fun to see what new flavors you can conjure in your whiskey glass.

Raise a Whiskey Glass to Fresh Trends

These trends have stayed strong throughout 2016 and the first half of 2017. We think they’re only going to grow.

Plus, the next time you’re coming up empty with a gift for the Scotch, bourbon, or rye lover in your life, you can turn to the trends. Even a determined snob wouldn’t turn up their nose at complex flavors or one of Ireland’s best bottles.

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