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How and Why You Should Use a Whiskey Water Dropper

Angels’ Share whiskey dropper

At SipDark, we spend a lot of time talking about why our famous drink stones are so important. These metal and soapstone drink stones are designed to be frozen and used in whiskey, so they don’t dilute the flavor. There are times, however, when adding small amounts of water to whiskey is actually a good idea.

When you decide to add water to your favorite beverage, there is a clever way to do it. Through a whiskey dropper, you can ensure you’re only adding the perfect amount of water to your drink.

Why Add Water to Whiskey?

The main problem with adding ice to whiskey is not that water is inherently bad for whiskey – it’s that the quantity water isn’t perfectly measured. Just a tiny drop of water can change the way your whiskey tastes, and a drop too many can ruin the flavor entirely.

When you add water to your whiskey, you are changing the flavor on a molecular level. This is literally a science, meaning it’s important to start with the tiniest of drops. The amount of water you need to add depends entirely on the whiskey you’re drinking, because each bottling has such unique properties. Molecules in different kinds of whiskeys will be at different levels of solubility, meaning that adding a small drop of water will pull different flavors out of the whiskey.

People who drink hot whiskey, for instance, will bring out more oils. This can create a bitter flavor, or even bring out grassy notes. Drops of water can neutralize that change in flavor. Changes also occur when you add ice to whiskey. Fewer molecules will evaporate from the top of your glass, owing to the lower temperature. Drops of water can rebalance that, making a flavor seem less intense even at a lower temperature.

How to Add Water to Whiskey

If you’re going to try adding water to your whiskey, you’ll need a few things. First of all, we can’t recommend enough our Glencairn glass range. We offer single glasses as well as larger sets, and even a dedicated nosing glass

You will of course need a bottle of your favorite whiskey. The final thing you’ll need is an Angels’ Share whiskey dropper. The name comes from an old joke, which refers to the portion of whiskey that evaporates during the ageing process.

The dropper itself is the ideal tool for adding tiny drops of water to your whiskey. With this dropper, you can add single droplets of water until you’ve got the taste just right. It’s handmade in Scotland by master craftsmen, and it’s just 200mm in size. It has a gorgeous pot still topper and it even comes in a velvet lined box.

This whiskey dropper will quickly become a part of your normal whiskey drinking routine, whether you’re drinking with friends or just relaxing after a long day. You can even use it with drink stones!

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