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Whether you are shopping for an amateur ready to dive into their first glass of fine whiskey, or you are helping an aficionado find much-needed staples for their home’s wet bar, SipDark offers premier accessories that are refined, unique, and always affordable. 

We have specially curated a list of our premium must-have accessories that will enhance your whiskey drinking experience, but also compiled a handful of helpful tidbits and some much-required whiskey (or is it whisky?) knowledge for you to dive into

Purchasing for a friend or co-worker? Impress them with your knowledge about the whiskey chilling sphere or excite them with a custom Glencairn glass just for their finest scotch - not to worry, we will help you find the right gift shortly.

Regardless of your purchasing needs, our whiskey team at SipDark knows what can elevate that first sip and make it truly extraordinary – even if you are pouring a barely-aged Aussie whiskey or one of the finest 50-year whiskey bottles from Scotland.


Quick Whisky Fact: Did you know that “whisky” is the proper Scottish way to spell the name? Scotts believe that spelling it without the “e” is necessary because more vowels waste valuable drinking time.

However, everywhere else in the country still pushes in the “e” to make it sensible.

What do we believe? You can spell it however you like, but to ensure the extra vowels do not harm your drinking experience, we highly recommend getting to know the whiskey glass, chilling methods, and of course, the right (and wrong) way to enjoy your finest bottles.

Whiskey Chilling Accessories

Real Whiskey drinkers do not add ice.

Whiskey Barrel Accessories

Looking for Wedding Gifts? Play with our barrel accessories.

Whiskey Glassware

Glass Act: How to Properly Serve Up Whiskey

What Is Whiskey Anyway?

Whiskey is beer but without hops. It has been distilled two to three times, but to start making whiskey, you must first make beer. Individual Tennessee whiskeys and Bourbons use hops to propagate their yeast components, while others do not.

Play With Your Barrel, Your Whiskey Barrel That Is

Looking for wedding gifts?

Perhaps you want to impress dad with a Father’s Day gift that is truly extraordinary?

At SipDark, we have a fun new line of accessories coming out that include wooden bow ties, cuff links, tie clips, and more all handcrafted from Jack Daniel’s barrels.

These are so fresh and genuine; you can smell the succulent oak, smoky flavors of the distillery, and bask in the richness.


There is no such thing as a bad whiskey gift - except one that isn't personalized

customized Whiskey accessories

Everything is better when it feels personalized.

Does the whiskey glass matter?

At SipDark, we embrace whiskey gift-giving. Whether you handle over an excellent bottle of Irish single malt or you want to give the gift of manliness by giving someone some whiskey bullets.

However, personalization is best.

Wedding gifts and groomsmen’s gifts are better when they have customization.

That is why we offer custom engraved whiskey products that range from bullets to whiskey stones.

Our engraving is available for every gift-giving and branding opportunity, including:

·         Corporate Events

·         Birthdays

·         Groomsmen Gifts

·         Weddings

·         Father’s Day

·         Promotion

·         Client Thank You Gifts

Find Everything You Need (and Then Some) on SipDark

At SipDark, an educated drinker is a refined drinker.

We whole-heartedly believe in sipping it, enjoying it, and never diluting it.

That is why we offer a full range of products to suit your whiskey pleasures.

Feel free to browse our store or poke around to learn more fun facts and whiskey do’s and don’ts.

Then head over to our blog where you get introduced to the newcomers in the whiskey world and keep up on the latest whiskey news.

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