Product Engraving and Customization

Product Engraving and Customization from SipDark

Everything is better when it feels personalized.

If you were to receive an etched glass with your name or initials, it seems more yours – and less like it came right off the shelf of your local houseware store.

At SipDark, we think personalization adds that special touch that a gift needs. It adds meaning, beauty, and makes it yours.

That is why we offer engraving and customization options for corporate gifts using whiskey, wedding gifts, Father’s Day gifts, groomsmen gifts, and more.

From a customized whiskey glass to engraved whiskey bullets and unique packaging, explore the endless options for gifts that are always appreciated by SipDark recipients.

The Ideal Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

Father’s Day gifts are hard, especially when Dad has everything he needs.

A personalized whiskey glass with a monogram, image, or message is the perfect solution to your very problem.

These custom glasses are deep engraved, giving a refined, sophisticated finish to any glass.

Have a military man in the family?

Custom engraved whiskey bullets

could add the final touch to your whiskey Father’s Day gift idea. SipDark also carries a

military edition whiskey bullet

, with every branch of the United States Armed Forces engraved on the bullets.

Show Client Appreciation with an Engraved Whiskey Glass

Corporate gifts with whiskey are common, especially for showing those high-end clients you appreciate their business.

Instead of handing over a bottle of 20-year old whiskey and calling it good, why not spice up the gift with an engraved whiskey glass too?

Engrave it with your company logo, a message, or just brand it to make it unique. By doing so, you show the client you have gone the extra mile, but also give them that slight reminder that you are there when they need your business again.

It is a win-win.

They get an excellent whiskey glass to enjoy, and you sneak in marketing for repeat business.

Wedding Gifts that beat toasters and slow cookers every time

Wedding gifts are never easy.

A registry full of beautiful China, silverware, and small appliances just do not seem to fit the couple for you.

You want something unique, and something that will remind them of their special day.

With engraved whiskey glasses or etched whiskey bullets for the groom, you can remind them of their special moment.

There are plenty of ways to customize wedding gifts, including:

  Adding the date of the wedding.

  Adding each spouse’s initials.

Creating a wedding monogram.

Give a Real "Thank You" to  Your Groomsmen

Groomsmen play a prominent role in the wedding.

From hosting the bachelor party to dragging you out of bed and into the chapel.

They deserve some gratitude.

Traditional groomsmen gifts are pedestrian and lack that unique spark.

If you want your closest guy friends (and possibly family members) to know you appreciate everything they did to get you into that church, you should consider custom engraved products.

There are plenty of ways to say “thank you,” without a card. 

what do we recommend?

Custom Engraved Whiskey Bullets.

Custom Engraved Whiskey Spheres

Custom Etched Whiskey Glass

Want Something Extra Special? Get a SipDark Exclusive

We have a full lineup of unique products that you cannot find anywhere else, including our SipDark whiskey bullet holder.

However, for wedding gifts and corporate gifts, you need something that goes the extra mile, which is why we recommend the wooden glass.

Made from oak, just like whiskey barrels, this glass features a Glencairn-styled shape, and it is the first in the industry. It helps enhance the flavors of the whiskey because you are soaking up not only the aroma of the whiskey itself but the smell of the Oak glass in your hand.

For something truly extraordinary, order a wooden whiskey glass and then have our team customize it for you.

don't forget the box!

Packaging matters when you are handing over a personalized gift.

Instead of wrapping it up in tissue paper, order custom engraved boxes from the team at SipDark.

We can design a custom box for everything from glassware to whiskey chilling spheres. From there you can hand over the elegant wooden box and save yourself the hassle of tape, wrapping paper and ribbon altogether.

order your customized gifts or engraved whiskey glass today

We have a plethora of custom engraving options ready to deploy for your next gift giving adventure.

Whether you are looking for something unique for the man in your life that enjoys whiskey, or you just want to give a Father’s Day gift that does not involve a tie, let SipDark help.

From our fine glassware to whiskey chilling stones, the possibilities for customizing your next gift are endless.

Drop us an email to learn more about our custom engraving or to get help with your personalized whiskey glass order.