Does The Whiskey Glass Matter

A Whiskey Glass Makes All the Difference in the World

Does the whiskey glass really matter?

It is a question we often hear, surprisingly.

After all, you could technically drink a mixer out of any glass you want, wine from a cocktail glass, cocktails in a wine glass. So, couldn’t you drink whiskey in your favorite highball?

Absolutely not.

Whiskey glasses do come in various shapes and sizes, from the Old Fashioned tumbler with its straight sides to the infamous Glencairn glass with a tulip-like appearance.

To help settle the debate, and ensure you get the most out of your whiskey, we are going to show you not only why you need an authentic whiskey glass, but how that glass impacts your whiskey nosing and tasting experience.

3 Reasons to Buy a Whiskey Glass

  1. Rounding out the experience: A unique glass rounds out your whiskey experience. While that single whiskey tumbler might cost you $6 to $20, that bottle of whiskey was plenty more. With your whiskey glass, you are elevating from pedestrian drinking into refined experiences.
  2. Respect for the craft: Whiskey distilling is an art. You should show not only the whiskey but the craftsman behind it, some respect. That spirit matured in a barrel for years (sometimes decades). Imagine waiting ten years to see if your hard work paid off. With an excellent Glencairn glass, you are enjoying the craftsman’s work, but also showing your level of respect for their work.
  3. Your enjoyment: To actually enjoy a whiskey, you must be able to nose it (smell it), and appreciate the smells that waft out of the whiskey. Also, you want to smell the whiskey as you taste it. 

If that is not enough for you, perhaps we can enlighten you another way

  • Would you eat a perfectly grilled rib eye with a butter knife?
  • Would you drink red wine in a white wine glass and expect it to taste the same?
  • Would you eat cereal with a fork?

We think you get our point.

Exploring the Types of Whiskey Glasses

Now that we have you on board with the idea of a whiskey glass, the task of understanding all your different options is here.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and the more advanced you get in whiskey tasting, the more your needs for glasses change.

The Old fashioned Whiskey glass

The Old Fashioned is a short tumbler that has a thick bottom and wide brim. It allows you to enjoy the aromas from the straight pour.

  Perfect for drinking whiskey neat.

  Ideal for drinking a chilled whiskey with whiskey stones.

  Can be used to drink a whiskey-based cocktail.

the glencairn glass

The Glencairn lineup of glassware is robust, and they have a short, solid base that is ideal if you are not a fan of stems on your glassware. It is also large enough so that even a newcomer can learn the proper way to swirl their whiskey without wearing it.

The bowl shape allow you to absorb the aroma and slowly take in the flavor.

  Ideal for whiskey tasting events or trying a new whiskey at home.

  Easy to hold.

Designed for drinking whiskey neat or chilled with stones.

the glencairn copita nosing glass

The nosing glass is not the same as the original Glencairn whiskey glass. The nosing glass almost looks like a wine glass, with a tulip-shape to the stop and long stem.

The purpose of the shape is to allow you to nose your whiskey before you sip it properly.

  Ideal for savoring a fine single malt.

  Brings out the full value of your prized spirit.

  Comfortable to hold with a stem.

  Reveals depth and helps you appreciate the work behind the whiskey.

The canadian whiskey glass

Canadian whiskeys are lighter in the body and have a fruity flavor to them; therefore, you need a glass that allows you to soak up the oak, smoke, and fruit all at the same time. While you could drink a Canadian whiskey in an Old Fashioned, it is best  served in a Canadian whiskey glass.

These have a full hourglass-like shape and were specifically designed in conjunction with the Canadian whiskey industry to ensure it enhances the experience with their spirits.

  Easy to hold and enjoy.

  Can be used for neat and chilled whiskey drinks.

  Perfect for savoring a single malt or blend from Canada.

  Directs liquid to the tongue with a tapered lip and allows you to appreciate sweet notes.

the wooden whiskey glass

You heard that right; there is such thing as a wooden whiskey glass.

Only this glass is unique to SipDark and the first in the industry.

Looking similar to our Glencairn glass, this wooden glass takes your whiskey tasting to an entirely different level.

Perfect for enjoying a fine whiskey neat.

  Enhances flavor and experience by bringing in the natural scent of Oak.

*coming soon*

Make it Extra Special with an Engraved Whiskey Glass

You can have a customized message etched onto the surface of your Glencairn whiskey glass or have a unique design made for your next set of corporate gifts.

At SipDark, we offer wholesale gifting and personalization, including adding logos, messages, pictures, and more.

What could you use an engraved whiskey glass for? Quite a bit, actually. Here are a few ideas our clients in the past have ordered engraved whiskey glasses for:

·         Corporate Executive Gifts

·         Customer Thank You Presents

·         Father’s Day Gifts

·         Wedding Gifts

·         Groomsmen Gifts

·         Company Branding

·         Special Events

·         Retirement Gifts

·         Birthday Gifts

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