5 Perfect Father’s Day Gifts You Haven’t Considered

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means: more ties for Dad.

Fathers can sometimes be tough to find the right gift for – most of them don’t seem to want much, and what they do want they generally buy themselves.

But instead of taking a knee and getting a Home Depot gift card, why not take a look at this list of gift ideas and get pops something a tad more unique?

The Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts for Every Whiskey Loving Dad!

Below we’ve collected some choice gifts for any dad who enjoys a perfect glass of smooth, amber-colored, whiskey at the end of the day.

A Whiskey Ball Gift Set

Does your dad drink whiskey, white wine, vodka, or any kind of ice-less drink that could benefit from a little chill?

If so, a whiskey ball gift set is a fantastic and fun gift that your father won’t expect and will absolutely appreciate. A whiskey ball is a large stainless-steel sphere that you chill in the freezer. Once it’s nice and cold, you drop it (gently) into your glass and pour the whiskey, white wine, vodka, or Scotch over the sphere.

Your drink stays nice and cold without getting diluted or changing the taste. Plus, the silver sheen of the ball just looks cool in your glass.

The whiskey ball gift set comes with a large loball sphere, an 11-ounce rocks glass, and a bag with the Sipdark logo for the ball. You can even have the ball engraved with “World’s Best Dad” or “World’s Okayest Dad,” you know, depending on your relationship and/or sense of humor.

Whiskey-Flavored Shirts

Another Father’s Day gift idea for the old man who loves his hooch and his happy to display that fact.  The shirts don’t actually taste like whiskey, they’re just whiskey themed.

You can get a shirt that says “Whiskey,” which is an elegant and simple way to get the job down. You could also grab him a t-shirt that reminds him to “Drink Whiskey Like a Gent,” which is underlined with a fetching mustache.

Or you can pick up and wrap a “Scotch Trooper” shirt, which displays a picture of the Emperor’s finest shock troopers dead center.

Or better yet, grab them all. Knowing dads, all of his current clothes are probably old enough to have voted in the Carter administration.

A Fancy New Whiskey Dropper Set

Have you ever heard the old tale that a few drops of spring water can unlock the flavor of a good whiskey or Scotch? Well it’s true! And instead of breaking the eyedropper out of the medicine kit or just sprinkling water from your fingers into your glass, why not get your dad a sweet whiskey pipette set he can show off to his friends.

This set comes with the handmade glass dropper, and a display stand made out of old oak whiskey barrels to hold it up.

Plus, the whole thing just looks great on a minibar.

A Hilarious Themed Coffee Mug

No more “World’s Best Golfer” mugs for your dad this year – instead consider grabbing a mug with a message that is actually funny.

For instance, this coffee mug proudly displays how much your dad loves his job. This mug lets everyone know that dad might actually have something other than coffee in his mug, which explains his good mood. This mug is for dads and kids with a darker sense of humor, and thanks dad for not running away.

Or you could just grab one that says “Daddy’s Starter Fluid” for the fathers who have a bit of trouble getting up in the morning.

Bullet-Shaped Drink Chillers

Like the whiskey sphere, these bullet-shaped whiskey stones can cool any drink that you don’t want diluted. Plus, you know, they’re shaped like a bullet, which is totally rad.

You can even get them engraved with your dad’s name, or your name, or maybe even the birthday of each individual kid (if you buy a couple whiskey bullets).

They’re made out of pure stainless steel and add no weird flavors to dad’s drink, allowing him to taste only the sweet, precious whiskey while he enjoys a few minutes of silence. Hopefully.

Find Father’s Day Gifts That Dad Will Definitely Love at Sipdark

Since it’s impossible to gift someone a perfect fishing trip or a couple care-free nights, why not give Dad something cool that he can appreciate? Maybe something he didn’t even know he wanted.

Remember, the clock is ticking – Father’s Day will be here before you know it.

Grab an awesome gift from Sipdark that will make him smile when the wrapping paper falls away.

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