Corporate Gifts That Never Go Out of Style – Like Bullet Drink Chillers, Whiskey Stones, and More!

Figuring out corporate gifts can be quite a chore – whenever you’re gifting on a large scale, you have to wrestle with the idea that not everyone loves the same things. What Lisa in Accounting wants might bore Jeremy from the warehouse to tears, and vice versa.

If you’re gifting to a client, customer, or a partner company, you run up against the same problems. What’s fun, going to be loved, non-offensive, and hopefully not too expensive? You don’t want to bankrupt your business just because you want to do a nice thing.

Check out our helpful list of corporate gifts below for some fresh ideas, including bullet drink chillers, whiskey stones, and other whiskey accessories.

Corporate Gifts for High-Status Whiskey Lovers

Are your clients, customers, or employees well-known whiskey aficionados? If so, you’re in luck:  with whiskey booming, so much so that Japan is literally running out whiskey – there are acres of whiskey accessories to choose from.

A lot of these whiskey accessories also work for chilling white wine, vodka, and really any other neat drink where ice isn’t welcome – but a chilled drink would still be welcome.

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are either made from stone (obviously) or can come in the “whiskey cube” style made out of stainless steel. They’re pleasing to look at, and not only do they add a pop of flair to your glass of whiskey, the also chill the drink without diluting it.

Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones

Like the idea of whiskey stones but looking for something a bit more exciting? These bullet drink chillers by Sipdark combine the utility of a whiskey stone with the cool shape of a magnum cartridge.

You can even get them engraved with your company logo!

Whiskey Toothpicks

Give your employees some whiskey flavor they can enjoy at work without a call from HR. Whiskey toothpicks are made from oak and deliver a light, smoky taste of whiskey when used.

Get that bourbon, rye, or Scotch taste any time, any place.

Loball Whiskey Spheres

Whiskey spheres are even larger than whiskey stones and whiskey bullets – and because they’re so large, they stay cooler for longer. Plus, they just look awesome shining inside your tumbler. And because they’re stainless steel, the balls won’t affect the flavor at all.

Go High-Tech for Low Cost

Not all high-tech corporate gifts have to break the bank – there are a ton of neat little items clients and employees can both appreciate.

Something like a light-up peg board can be useful for their desk at work or their kitchen at home – think about giving them a versatile gift than can be used anywhere. A fitness tracker watch is always welcome in any office – everyone is conscious about how often they sit, and having something that keeps track of their steps and give them motivation is always handy. A Bluetooth tracker is useful for anyone, but especially to the forgetful types – they allow you to tag whatever you want (wallet, keys, TV remote) – and come with an app to find your frequently-lost items.

Here’s a gift idea that literally applies to every single person: what about a portable charger? They can be purchased for anything from $10 to $100, giving you a wide spread for any budget or preference, and everyone will be excited to get one. All of us know the pain of forgetting to charge your phone – or just running down the battery because of GPS, games, or music – and feeling lost and disconnected.

Speaking of mobile phone accessories that everyone can make use of – collapsible cellphone grips are all the rage right now, and for a great reason. They’re useful, they save your hands, they make picture-taking easier, and they also prevent you from those embarrassing late-night incidents of accidentally dropping your phone on your face. Plus, they’re cheap and universally beloved.

A water-proof wireless speaker is also a great investment for anyone. You can take it in the shower with you (or wherever you go), and never miss out on your favorite tunes or most illuminating podcast. Consider the applications when camping, as well, or working out in your home gym.

Corporate Gifts for Any Occasion and Any Person – Who Wouldn’t Want Bullet Drink Chillers!

The key to a good mass gift is to remember what we all have in common.

Whether it’s a love of libations, a dislike of annoying cell phone problems, or just the giddy glee that can be found with a helpful new gadget - these gifts should please any large group of customers, clients, or team members.

Swing by Sipdark now to find the right corporate gift for your employees, co-workers, clients, or customers.
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