Unique and Fun Whiskey Stones to Try in Your Next Glass

So, you’re officially exploring the world of whiskey stones and whiskey chillers (and probably all of the other whiskey accessories that make tippling even more fun).

As you know, ice can numb both your tongue and suppress the flavors in the glass, turning a complex and smoky drink into a flat, watery mess. But what if it’s a hot day? Warm whiskey doesn’t sound great when you’re sweating from every pore.

Or what if you just prefer a tiny bit of chill to contrast with the warmth of your mouth, but you’re afraid of diluting good whiskey?

Whiskey Stones Are What You’re Looking For

Luckily, the whiskey-industrial complex has a brilliant solution: whiskey stones. You’ve seen them – small stone cubes you can freeze and stack in your drink like a pyramid.

However, whiskey chillers don’t end there. There are plenty of options besides stone cubes – let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Chillers

Maybe you spotted whiskey stones for the first time and you were like, “yeeeah, they’re pretty cool, but why don’t they look more like ammunition?” Oh boy do I have good news for you.

Sipdark makes bullet whiskey stones called, appropriately, whiskey bullets.

They’re made of pure stainless steel, which means not only are they easy to clean, but they also get cold in the freezer quickly, and don’t add any additional weird flavors to your beverage. Instead, all they do is chill your drink AND make you look like a badass: two for the price of one!

There are some neat accessories for whiskey bullets to, allowing you to up your game from hobbyist to professional whiskey drinker. You can get a holder for your whiskey bullets that looks like a revolver cylinder. Not only is it awesome, but it gives you an easy way to store and freeze your whiskey bullets so they’re always available.

Last but decidedly not least, you can get whiskey bullets that are custom engraved with both the name of a branch of the armed forces, but it also comes with a small inscription of the individual symbols of each branch.

If you’re not in the military (or you’re buying a Father’s Day or groomsmen gift that’s not for a member of the military), you can actually get your whiskey bullets engraved with whatever text you want.

Golf Ball Chillers

Golf is a challenging, fun, eye-opening sport that can take a lifetime to master. But let’s be honest – a big part of the appeal is the relaxing after-party at the 19th hole. That and burning rubber around the course in a golf cart – you know it’s true.

Now, if the 19th hole turns out to be back at your place, why not chill your drink in style with some golf ball-shaped whiskey chillers. These round whiskey stones are made of clear glass, and they have the textured dimples exactly like a golf ball.

They clean easily, they won’t mess with any of the flavor notes of your drink, and they’ll make your fellow golfers incandescent with jealous rage. So, it’s a win-win.

Loball Whiskey Spheres

What hip-hop artists might call the “daddy of the mac daddy,” Loball whiskey spheres are basically humongous whiskey stones that are shaped like spheres and made out of shiny, powerful, flavor-neutral stainless steel.

They come in two sizes: pretty big, and meganormous, which is a word we just coined for a heretofore unseen size of whiskey sphere. Okay, it’s not actually that big, but it’ll fill your whiskey glass and keep it cold for longer because of its significant size.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

Instead of being made of soft stone, these whiskey stones are instead made of shiny stainless steel. They look like something out of a sci-fi movie, which is exactly what you want when you’re sipping on some aged bourbon or Scotch (or whatever drink you like).

They work exactly the same as regular whiskey stones, except they’re probably a little bit easier to clean.

A Plethora of Whiskey Chillers for You

Bullets, golf balls, spheres, and steel cubes – not to mention the good old fashioned stone whiskey cubes that never go out of style – can add a nice touch of flair to a classic drink or cocktail.

And these chillers aren’t just for whiskey, despite the name: you can use chillers in any drink that would benefit from the cold and not from the extra watery mess of ice. They can work for white wine, champagne, vodka neat, martinis – anything you want to get cold quickly.

Find the chiller that’s best for you at Sipdark and enjoy a nice drink on the porch on a hot day, secure in the knowledge the not even a little bit of water has found its way into your drink.

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