4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Whiskey

Whiskey facts

You know that SipDark cares about good whiskey – our online store, packed full of whiskey drinking accessories, makes that clear. We love everything about whiskey -from the long and complicated distilling process, to the rich and varying flavors from every cask. 

We thought we’d walk our readers through some interesting facts about whiskey. Some of these facts might be surprising for even the most knowledgeable and experienced of whiskey enthusiasts! 

The “Angel’s Tax” Steals Good Whiskey

This isn’t a real tax, but it’s an interesting phenomenon that takes place during the aging process. When whiskey has been placed into barrels and left to age, the volume of fluid inside the barrels will gradually decrease. The porous nature of the wood means that the liquid can evaporate, and this has long been known as the “Angel’s Tax” or the “Angel’s Share.” 

The effect is noticeable in old distilleries, where the ceiling will have turned black because of the alcohol vapor gradually rising in the building over many decades. 

Ice Dulls Whiskey’s Flavor

Drinking whiskey on ice is extremely popular, but most experts agree that adding cubes of ice actually dulls the flavor of the whiskey. The best way to avoid changing the flavor of whiskey is to add spring water, which is completely pure. A small amount of spring water will enhance the flavor and aroma of the whiskey. 

If you want to chill your whiskey without adding impure water to your drink, you can also try SipDark’s famous drink stones. Our drink stones are designed to be frozen, and their curved edges mean they’ll never scratch the inside of your Glencairn glass. They’re a fantastic alternative to ice cubes, and they can be frozen over and over again.

Whiskey Begins Its Life as Beer

Believe it or not, but whiskey actually starts off its journey as beer. If one simplifies the whiskey distilling process, it’s essentially a matter of distilling beer without using hops. The mash that is used to create whiskey is known as “distiller’s beer.” It’s a mash made of grain, year, and water – which is exactly what is used for beer. 

This only remains true for two days or so, however. The distillation process turns the mash into a spirit. This process of distillation has a substantial effect on the nature of the beverage being made – it can even turn wine into brandy! 

High Demand Makes Single Malt Scotch Harder to Come By

Demand for single malt scotch have increased significantly over the years, which has made single malt harder to come by. This kind of whiskey needs to be aged for at least 10 years, meaning it can take a decade before suppliers are able to catch up with demand – and by then, it’s possible that demand has changed. 

The nature of single malt scotch makes it difficult to keep up with trends. 

Treat Yourself

All this talk of whiskey got you in the mood for a glass? Check out our online store and discover our amazing accessories that makes whiskey drinking an even more rewarding experience.

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