Lewisville Family Re-Opens Farm Distillery to Bring Back “Old Nick Whiskey”


Four men from Lewisville are bringing back a family tradition that dates back hundreds of years: distilling Old Nick whiskey on their family farm. The distillery, located at 2675 Williams Road, is reopening the traditional distillery on the weekend of the 17th June, and opening up the facility to interested whiskey lovers for tastings and tours.

Founded in the year 1768, Old Nick Williams Co. was a famous whiskey that was popular before Prohibition. The company was shut down in the early 1900s, but two brothers and their sons are bringing the popular whiskey back. John and Van Williams, and their sons Zev and Matt, have been working together for years to make the whiskey brand popular again – and the 200-year-old whiskey will be available soon.

The Williams family who originally opened the distillery came from Wales in the year 1690. They later moved to York County, Virginia, and then to North Carolina in 1766. The family obtained a land grant, giving them 8,000 acres, where they established the distillery. Original company documents show that they produced the whiskey for medicinal purposes, as well as for “personal enjoyment.”

The distillery was originally called the Joseph Williams Distillery, and by the time Joseph’s son took the reins, he employed roughly 200 farm workers, blacksmiths, and barrel makers. Around 1830, the distillery became the Old Nick Distillery, and the whiskey produced there became famous during the World Fair of Chicago, in 1893. In 1908, however, the law in North Carolina said that in-state sales of liquor, along with liquor production, must stop. The distillery was destroyed, and 28,000 gallons of their whiskey went to waste. The whiskey became so notorious that old bottles have reportedly sold for as much at $5,800 online.

With the announcement of the new Old Nick Whiskey distillery, whiskey lovers from all over the world have something to celebrate.

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