Top Navy and Army Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

The Perfect Army and Navy Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

So, you have a loved one in the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps? Whether it’s their birthday, an anniversary, or you’re celebrating an achievement, there are some great new accessories you should keep in mind as Army gifts. Here at SipDark, we have a huge selection of whiskey accessories, so for your whiskey-loving veteran, take a look at these top Navy, Army and Marine Corps gifts! 

1. SipDarks “Military Engraved Whiskey Bullets”

We know what you're thinking, what gift to get someone in the military? We have you covered. These Military Engraved Whiskey Bullets are the perfect gift. 

SipDark is proud to support our American Veterans and their families. 

For every military edition whiskey bullet sold, Sipdark will donate 15% to Folds of Honor. Since 2007, Folds of Honor has carried forth this singular, noble mission. To provide educational scholarships to the spouses and children of America's fallen and disabled service-members. Our motto says it best. Honor their Sacrifice. Educate their Legacy. 

2. SipDark “Drink Whiskey Like a Gent” Tee Shirt 

Who doesn’t love a good tee shirt? It’s the classic gift, and if you’re not sure what to buy your loved one who has served in the armed forces, then it’s a great option. The official SipDark tee shirt reads “Drink Whiskey Like a Gent” on the front, complete with mustache – because mustaches are cool. 

The tee shirt is made of premium laundered fabric, and is available in sizes small to X large. It’s great as a gift on its own, or even as an additional gift to go with one of our numerous other whiskey accessories. 

3. Bullet Cufflinks 

Bullet cuff links are a hell of a statement, and they make the best Army gifts and Navy gifts. These are SipDark’s very own bullet-shaped cuff links, crafted from stainless steel and designed to look totally realistic. The bullet cuff links are influenced by SipDark’s famous whiskey bullets. 

The cuff links are replica 9mm bullets, and unlike many other bullet cuff links on the market, they aren’t totally overpowering and tacky. In fact, they’re just the right amount of cool. They have classy gold tips, meaning they’re perfect whether you’re wearing a gold or a silver watch. 

This is a great gift for any aficionado of weapons and whiskey. 

4. Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2016 

Jim Murray is a legendary whiskey critic, and if you’re looking to find out the very best whiskeys of the last year, then you’re going to need his Whiskey Bible. Any whiskey lover you know will understand just how important this is – so for a loved one returning from service in the military, who happens to love whiskey, this is ideal. 

The Jim Murray Whiskey Bible 2016 offers the most comprehensive guide to whiskey available today, providing tasting notes on over 4,600 whiskeys from all over the world. From the most famous whiskeys to some of the rarest, Jim Murray has tried them all, and he imparts all his knowledge to his readers. 

5. Whiskey Stones 

Finally, consider SipDark’s famous soapstone whiskey stones. These are the perfect addition to a Glencairn glass full of whiskey, as they chill your beverage without affecting flavor. The smooth soapstones won’t scratch your glass, and once frozen, they can be used singularly or in multiples to chill your drink to the perfect temperature. 

You can purchase these SipDark soapstone whiskey stones in sets of three or six, and they come in a wooden presenting box. The perfect gift for a whiskey lover, right? 

You can find even more great gifts at the SipDark online store!
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