Louisville ‘Whiskey Row’ Will Soon Be Whiskey-Lover Tourism Hotspot

Whiskey Row of Louisville Will Be Reopening Soon!

Almost two years after a major fire outbreak damaged three buildings in Whiskey Row, city officials have announced that the famous row of buildings will soon be up and running. Officials are saying that Whiskey Row will quickly become one of the “most engaging blocks in downtown Louisville.” 

Revitalizing the Historic Whiskey Row

In the next one to two years, the Whiskey Block will see two new luxury hotels, a large retail outlet, and a distillery tourist attraction. This famous distillery will give whiskey lovers from all over the opportunity to experience how American whiskey is made. City officials have even announced that the newly-renovated Whiskey Block will be home to major whiskey-related and other cultural events and festivals throughout the year. 

The construction work is coming along quickly, with most of the streetscape expected to be restored in the coming months. The work has been particularly difficult for construction workers, given their task of maintaining the historic facades. The fire caused much structural damage, so extensive bracing has been needed on Main Street to ensure that many historic features could be maintained. 

George Timmering, who runs Bearno’s at Main and Second Street, said, “If we can just hold on, everything is coming together.” The Executive Director of the Louisville Downtown Partnership, Rebecca Matteny, shared Timmering’s optimism, and has confirmed that almost all the sidewalk in front of Whiskey Row should be reopened by the end of May this year. 

Bill Weyland, a partner of Whiskey Row Lofts, and a local architect, said that restaurant owners have frequently complained about the long closure of the sidewalk. He said that the fire was an unfortunate disaster, and that it has “set everything back more than two years.” 

Both Timmering and Weyland have said that once all of the work on Whiskey Row has been completed, that new positivity will return to the region, and whiskey lovers will be returning to the area. 

The CEO of the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, Karen Williams, has said that once Whiskey Row has been completed, along with all the other developments coming with it, that it will be “right in the hubbub of the community.” With luxury hotels and restaurants, retail space and a large distillery where whiskey lovers can learn how everything is made, it’s bound to be a hit. 

Treat Your Loved One! 

Do you have a loved one who loves whiskey? Why not treat them to a trip to Whiskey Row? 

Once repaired, Whiskey Row will have returned to its former glory. The row, which is a stretch between 101-133 West Main Street, was built between 1852 and 1905. Ever since, it’s been one of the most historic and famous places in Louisville. 

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