Top Gifts for a Real Gentleman on His Birthday

Top Gifts for a Real Gentleman on His Birthday

Looking for a birthday gift for a traditional man in your life? A guy that likes everything traditional and classy? Sip Dark has years of experience dealing in high end whiskey accessories, and we know just the kind of guy you’re thinking about. He loves to relax with friends with a quality beverage, he likes to have his feet up by the fire, he loves walks in the countryside and he’s a dog person.

Sound right? Or at least, mostly right?

Today, we’re looking at some of the very best gifts available for the traditional man in your life. His birthday gifts will never be the same.

Traditional Shaving Set

A traditional shaving set is a quirky and actually quite useful gift for any man in your life. Electric razors might be all the rage, but there’s nothing quite like a clean shave using a traditional razor, alongside a rich, fragrance-infused shaving cream.

The market for traditional shaving sets is quite large, so you’ll be sure to find plenty of options around. From sandalwood-infused shaving creams, to traditional aftershaves, these sets provide a more satisfying shaving experience.

Hand-crafted shaving brushes allow your man to spread on soap and shaving cream more evenly, making a smooth shave easier than ever. So be sure to take a look, you’ll be surprised just how charming many of these shaving sets can be!

Shoe Horns and Shoe Trees

Any man who loves his shoes, knows just how important a quality shoe tree is. If the man in your life has a particular pair of leather shoes that he loves, then a set of shoe trees will help keep them in top shape when he’s not wearing them.

Without a shoe tree, leather brogues can collapse in on the wrinkles created naturally by the wearer’s feet. Over time, this exaggerates lines in the shoes and makes them look older than they are.

Along with a quality wooden shoe horn, a similarly high quality shoe horn can be just as charming. If he already has enough shoes, a shoe horn and shoe tree set is the perfect alternative.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If your man likes whiskey, then we have the perfect gift for him. From the Sip Dark range is our whiskey stones gift set. As well as our classic steel whiskey stones, which after being frozen, provide a perfect chilling accompaniment to your whiskey, we also have our famous Soapstone coolers.

These soapstone cubes stay at the bottom of your glass, unlike ice cubes, and provide a perfect chilling effect for your whiskey, scotch, wine, vodka and other beverages. The gift set includes six stones in a gorgeous wooden box for storage.

So they don’t scratch his favorite glass, the stones are rounded at their edges. After just four hours in the freezer, just one of these stones can chill 1oz of whiskey.

Glencairn Cufflinks

So what if your man loves whiskey, and he’s also a fan of double cuff shirts? Sip Dark also offers some amazing Glencairn glass-shaped cufflinks, which look both classy and fun.

These enamel cufflinks come in an official Glencairn presentation box, and will last for many years to come. Any whiskey lover will cherish them forever.

Record Player

Vinyl sales have soared lately. In the UK last year, vinyl sales overtook digital sales, meaning that the format really is mainstream again.

A traditional man may enjoy the return of the humble record player, not just because it’s an opportunity to relive classics that were originally released on vinyl, but also to enjoy new albums that are being released only on the dated format.

On top of traditional record players, many companies now sell units that send the audio to Bluetooth speakers, allowing a classic record to fill your home with sound. There are even digital record players that convert your classic vinyl collection to MP3 format.

Flat Cap

The flat cap is the traditional hat of the English countryman, but it has become popular all over the world for its comfort and convenience. From herringbone tweet flat caps, to slightly less functional velvet alternatives, these hats look great with smart-casual outfits, and are surprisingly inexpensive.

Harris Tweed flat caps are extremely popular for how warm and durable they are. Using the most popular tweed in the world, which originates in the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, these caps will be your man’s companion for years to come. Whether it’s a boyfriend’s birthday gift, a treat for your husband or even a present for your son, a flat cap is a fine choice and could just start a new obsession with classic headwear.

Luxury Teas

Once again taking inspiration from England, a set of luxury teas can make a fine gift. In England, a traditional black ‘breakfast tea’ is most popular, but there are so many alternatives, it’s hard to choose. A luxury tea set will include a selection of breakfast teas, green teas, other herbal teas and fruit teas that are ideal for making hot and cold beverages.

Combine a set of luxury teas with a collection of luxurious jams and preserves, and your gift suddenly becomes a delightful breakfast set.

Classic Umbrellas

Finally, remember just how important a quality umbrellas is to a man’s formal outfit. Whether out walking in the countryside or attending a classy event, a high quality umbrellas is a must-have for any man. Make it large enough, and it’s ideal for carrying when out walking with his loved one.

Take a look at the wide range of umbrellas on the market, and consider a long, classic black options that goes well with practically any formal outfit.

Traditional is Often Better

Sure, quirky gifts can be fun, but don’t forget just how personal a traditional gift can be. A quality umbrella or hat, a set of whiskey stones or even a shoe tree enhances your man’s lifestyle just the right amount – and these things can last a lifetime.
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