4 Amazing Groomsman Gifts for a Whiskey Lover

4 Groomsman Gifts for a Best Man Who Loves Whiskey

Choosing your groomsman is a huge step in a man’s life. Your groomsman is your connection to your past, your family, your friendships, and is an honored guest at your wedding. To commemorate this important day, it is tradition to purchase a groomsmen gift – and if your best man is a whiskey lover, we’ve got some amazing ideas for you to consider.

Take a look at these top four gifts for whiskey lovers, and be inspired!

1. Custom Whiskey Barrel

An increasingly popular gift option for whiskey lovers is a classic whiskey barrel and dispenser. These customized barrels hold at least two liters of whiskey at a time, and can be refilled as and when the user chooses.

Along with the barrel, the user is provided with instructions for curing, a spigot for easier cleaning, filling and serving, and of course a stand and a bung. These custom barrels can have initials engraved into the wood, too, making them an amazing item for a whiskey lover’s kitchen, or home study!

2. Whiskey Elements

Whiskey lovers may also enjoy whiskey elements – crafted pieces of oak and other woods that are used to infuse a cheaper whiskey to taste more like its expensive counterparts. These elements are more of a novelty gift than anything – technically, leaving in an oak element for 24 hours can change flavor somewhat, but it won’t change the taste of the whiskey so dramatically that it will fool an expert.

Still, these can be a really great gift for your groomsman – and with so many available, you could even consider purchasing a wide selection that your best man can enjoy over and over.

3. Decanter Set

A decanter set is the more obvious choice, and it’s really classy. A decanter set might include a crystal decanter – perhaps hand etched or even custom engraved – alongside some high quality glass or crystal whiskey glasses. This is a gift that lasts a life time, and could well be serving as your groomsman’s primary whiskey decanter until his old age.

A classic crystal decanter is the traditional choice, though there are also many modern alternative available, so be sure to take a look at the wide range on offer from manufacturers all over the world.

4. Whiskey Stones and Glass Set

Here at SipDark, we think we provide some of the best quality whiskey accessories around, and our whiskey stones and glass set is an ideal groomsmen gift. This set includes six SipDark whiskey stones, which cool your beverage without diluting the precious whiskey.

The set also includes a high quality 11oz OTR – or ‘on the rocks’ – style glass, and a SipDark cotton bag for storing the whiskey stones. These stones are easy to clean, don’t affect the flavor of the whiskey, and sit nicely at the bottom of the glass while drinking. It’s a perfect alternative to ice, and an extremely thoughtful best groomsman gift.

Whatever you choose, remember that this gift will commemorate your marriage and your friendship – so choose well!

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