Serving Whiskey with the Right Accessories

Why You Need Whiskey Accessories

Alcoholic beverages are popular at many locations and events. Of all the drinks that fall into this category, whiskey is one type many people enjoy.

Clubs or restaurants with bars know all about keeping drinks on hand. Those who throw parties or special events may also be familiar with the importance of a well-stocked drink cabinet. However, having the right accessories to go with it is just as important.

Preserving the special nature of the occasion and keeping the drinks tasting great are both tough, but having the right tools on hand makes it a little easier.

What Glassware Do You Use for Whiskey?

There are few sites more iconic for the whiskey lover than grabbing a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other. For many drinkers, having their own special glass for whiskey is important for preserving the taste and soaking up the unique nature of the experience.

Likewise, great-looking glasses are important to have on hand when you’re serving whiskey. Whether you’re a worker at a bar or a host at an event, having dedicated glassware for whiskey helps its retain its purity, and decreases the change the flavor will be diluted by a glass that has been contaminated with various other liquids.

Chillers Keep Things Cool without Diluting Flavor

Ice is common at almost every bar and event where alcoholic beverages are served. Some people view ice as a way to take the edge off a drink by cooling it. Many people opt to have ice mixed into their drink instead of simply having it on the rocks. This is usually done with the intent of taking the edge off the drink.

Unfortunately, ice can dilute the flavor of even the purest whiskey. Since people may like to drink slowly, especially when they’re doing so socially, ice can sometimes do more harm than good.

Chillers like stones, cubes, and bullets can be used to keep a drink cool without affecting the flavor. Large amounts of chillers can be kept on hand and prepared beforehand, making it easy to serve a busy bar or a bustling event.

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