Has Whiskey Found Its Place in the Sun?

Has Whiskey Found Its Place in the Sun?

Whiskey has a reputation of being a serious indoor drink, while rum gets all of the fun. Whiskey is for cocktails served over ice with a splash of soda at a lounge. Rum gets fruity flavors, fruit, and little tiny umbrellas served at the beach. However one brand of whiskey is looking to change that image, taking whiskey out of the bar and setting it deliciously down in the sun.

Introducing Beach Whiskey

Launched in June of 2016, Beach Whiskey sets out to combine whiskey with the seaside style. Think bikinis, palm trees, lapping waves and large umbrellas. The packaging begins the story with its custom sea glass bottles and etched labeling. The flavors – Bonfire Cinnamon and Island Coconut – continue the tale. The array of refreshing cocktails that can be concocted with them is the ending to this story that we are dying to taste.

Imagine laying back in the hammock with a Piña Colada made with Island Coconut Whiskey. Or having a blast of cinnamon added to your fruity daiquiri as you watch surfers riding the waves. The flavors are infused impeccably with the whiskey, and all natural, so your taste buds are not turned off by an artificial sensation. More remarkable is that each manners to capture their fantastic flavors with significantly less sugar than other flavored liquors.

In order to achieve the light flavor and clear color, Beach Whiskey bypasses the traditional barrel aging. Instead, the founders have discovered a unique filtration process that results in a whiskey that is smooth enough to drink straight, and light enough to blend with an array of different mixers.

Where Can You Find Beach Whiskey?

The debut of Beach Whiskey at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention last spring was a raving success, held inside of Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace. Here, world-renowned mixologists had the chance to dabble with the new liquor, while a Vegas crowd got to indulge in it. Being relatively new to the market, Beach Whiskey is currently available only in California, Florida, Nashville, New York and Hawaii. However they are constantly expanding on their ambitions, and could hit a beach near you by this coming summer.

About Beach Whiskey

Beach Whiskey was founded in 2015 by a slew of entrepreneurs, stars and spirits experts. This includes the now infamous Billy Bush, musicians Jake Owen and Gavin DeGraw, entrepreneurs Andrew McGinnis and Kenny Dichter, and J. Smoke Wallin and Ken Austin – veterans of the beverage history. A labor of love, the Beach Whiskey slogan invokes the spirit that the spirit is meant to invoke – “your place in the sun.”

The brightly colored bottles of Beach Whiskey will certainly stand out against the somber tones of Jack Daniels, Jameson and the other classics. The powerful punch it provides however will let you know that this is still a whiskey to be reckoned with. On the rocks or mixed with punch, Beach Whiskey is setting a new trend for the way we enjoy our favorite cocktails.
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