7 Holiday Gifts for the Whiskey Lover on Your List

7 Holiday Gifts for the Whiskey Lover on Your List

There is a good chance that somewhere on your gift buying list is a person who takes their whiskey very seriously. This is the guy or gal who likes to sip on bourbon, or orders a glass of scotch neat. Impress that person this holiday season with a unique gift that embraces their love for the finer drinks in life.

Glencairn Glass Set

A set of glasses designed for whiskey tasting is a must-have for the home bar. Also known as tulip glasses, a Glencairn glass has a wide round bottom and a tapered rim so that the aroma of the scotch or whiskey gets trapped inside. This creates the ideal sipping environment for savoring full bodied spirits.

Whiskey Soaked Beef Jerky

High quality meat that has been soaked in whiskey almost seems too good to be true. You can find this mixture through a number of beef jerky or retailers, or really impress with a batch that you made on your own. This will taste a hundred times better than that tin of cookies you normally give out.

Reusable Ice Cubes

If your whiskey lover likes their drink neat, but not warm, reusable ice cubes are the perfect solution. This gift idea comes in a variety of different styles, making it easy to find a set to match any personality. Look for ones that blink with LED lights for your fun-loving whiskey connoisseur, or choose a set that resembles stones for someone who always prefers a sophisticated drink.

Crystal Decanter

A crystal decanter adds an unmistakable touch of class to any home bar, while serving an essential purpose. You can give this gift on its own, or look for a set that includes 2 or 4 matching rocks glasses. Either way, your whiskey lover will appreciate you more for looking out for the future quality of their favorite spirit.

Engraved Flask

Make the holiday gift personal by having it emblazoned with their name. Flasks allow a whiskey lover to always keep their favorite nearby, and they have that clean exterior perfect for engraving. These come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, so you should have no trouble in choosing one that your friend will be proud to sneak sips from.

The World Atlas of Whisky

Arguably the most extensive book ever written on the topic, “The World Atlas of Whisky” is a whiskey lover must-have. Not only does it offer detailed descriptions of 200 distilleries from all over the world, it provides essential tasting notes. Look for the updated version (2014) as this one also covers craft distillers that have recently emerged in the US, as well as the burgeoning whiskey boom in Latin America.

A Bottle

Of course you can always make it easy on yourself and pick up a bottle of their favorite spirit for gift giving. Or try introducing them to a whiskey they have never tried before. Whatever you choose, hopefully the bottle is a gift that your friend will open up, and share with you.

Show your whiskey loving friend that you appreciate their obsession, by choosing a holiday gift that caters to it. Not only will it make their experiences with whiskey more pleasurable, it may turn you into a spirit lover as well.

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