Every Man’s Guide to Cocktail Glasses

Every Man’s Guide to Cocktail and Whiskey Glasses

Between a rocks glass, a highball, a lowball, and a cocktail glass, glassware can put your mind in knots! Even for the most experienced cocktail connoisseur, picking the right glass for your cocktail can be a tricky feat. To help you out, we’ve put together a handy guide of what cocktail glasses to use when. Cheers!


Your Guide to Stem Glasses


Be it a champagne glass, a martini glass, a cocktail glass, or a wine glass, there is something about stem glasses (also known as up glasses) that make you feel that much classier. Stem glasses are used for beverages that are chilled, shaken, or stirred and served without ice. Stem glasses should not be served with ice in them. Think Martinis, Manhattans, a Sidecar, a Daquiri, and of course, wine – these are the drinks that will taste the most delicious in a stem glass. But our recommendation: if you and your companions are planning to drink a few drinks, avoid a stem glass. Stem glasses are easy to break.


Rocks Glasses – Not Just for Whiskey!


Rocks glasses – which are flat, round, glasses that sit low on the table – are best known for highlighting the flavors in an Old Fashioned. A rocks glass is also perfect for a Negroni, any iced cocktail, as well as a spirit on the rocks or neat.


A Highball Glass – Perfect for Your Summer Cocktails


Highball glasses are the perfect drink for the summer weather – think fruitier cocktails served over ice. Tom Collins (highball glasses are often called ‘Collins’ glasses), Gin & Tonics, Dark and Stormy, A Bloody Mary (although this cocktail looks best served in a mason jar), and a Mojito are all the perfect drinks to sip out of a highball glass.


Specialty Cocktail Glasses


Depending on what drinks suit your fancy, there is also a full range of specialty cocktail glasses you can add to your collection. If you love a blended drink (Pina Colada anyone?) a Hurricane glass will make a great addition to your glassware cabinet. Love a good Irish Coffee? Consider purchasing a glass coffee mug. If you can’t say no to a Margarita, a Margarita glass may be a good investment, plus a salt rimmer for the full effect. If you love a good brandy, you’ll get good use out of a snifting glass.

All you need to whip up any of the above cocktails we mentioned can be found by browsing through For all your home bartending needs, has every glass you could ever dream of adding to your bar cart. Glencairn glasses are perfect for hosting a whiskey tasting, while a good set of Rocks glasses will get you through any (and many!) a cocktail. If you’re less of a cocktail drinker and more of a straight sipper, a set of Neat glasses will be the perfect addition to your repertoire.


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