Best Snacks to Complement Your Whiskey Drink

Best Whiskey pairing snacks

Planning a whiskey party with your pals? As much as the party may be all about the drinks, there’s nothing like some snacks to counter the effects of the alcohol. Anyways, who doesn’t love a delicious snack to pair perfectly with their as-delicious cocktail or whiskey on the rocks? To help you plan out your next boy’s night in, we’ve put together a list of the best snacks that will complement the tasty notes of your whiskey drink or cocktail.


Say Cheese!


The good thing about serving cheese at a party – there are so many different types! And besides, who doesn’t like cheese? A nuttier cheese like a Gruyere or aged Cheddar will complement a smokier whiskey. Serve a stronger cheese, like a stinky blue cheese, with a spicier whiskey drink. Try a softer, creamier Brie cheese or maybe a Camembert. Not sure what cheese to purchase or what whiskey will be at your event? No worries! Try picking up a selection and letting your guests figure out which cheeses pair well with what drinks. We recommend serving a selection of nuts, fruits (try figs, dates, or grapes), preserves, and honey with your cheese. Throw on a selection of crackers or warm baguette (throwing a store-bought baguette in the oven for a few minutes will totally impress your buddies) and you’re good to go!


For the Sweet Tooth: Chocolate!


We promise, every one of your guests will be excited to see this sweet treat. Not only does chocolate satisfy your taste buds, but it pairs well with whiskey. Although you may be tempted to opt for the super-sugary chocolate options, chocolate with more cocoa will pair better than your favorite candy bar. Keep an eye out for dark chocolate bars or truffles to really highlight the notes in the whiskey.


When in Doubt: Just Grill it!


Whiskey has always been the ultimate man’s drink, and what better to pair the ultimate man’s drink with than a big plate of barbecue? Don’t settle for just throwing some chicken and veggies on the grill though – opt for the ultra-juicy pulled pork or a rack of ribs, doused in barbecue sauce. Plus, the ribs will soak up any of the alcohol and make your next morning that much less painful.

There you have it! As much as a diet of all-whiskey may sound nice, you’ll have a much better time enjoying your drinks if you fill your stomach with some delicious snacks. Planning a whiskey night with your friends? Don’t be unprepared. Head over to to see our full selection of everything you need to host a boy’s night in, from rocks glasses to whiskey rocks to a selection of tasting glasses.


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