5 Fun Facts about Whiskey to Impress Your Friends

whiskey barrels, 5 Fun Facts about Whiskey
As a whiskey enthusiast, you already know your favorite libation is delicious. But how much do you know about the history of the tasty tipple? Whether you’re a trivia nerd or you just love a good detail, we’ve put together a list of five fun facts about whiskey. Even if you’re just a part-time expert on all things whiskey, buff up your whiskey game with some of these tasty tidbits.

1. Weather affects whiskey

Have you ever wondered why there are considerable taste differences between Canadian whiskeys and whiskeys from warmer climates? It’s not just in the grain – the climate of an area can really affect the flavor profiles of a whiskey.

2. Water can also affect the taste of a whiskey

Not only can the changing climate impact how a whiskey tastes, but the water in the area where the whiskey is distilled can, too. The Southern U.S. produces top-quality whiskey and bourbons because the water doesn’t contain a lot of iron. Iron-heavy water is known to turn whiskey a blackish color. Jack Daniels uses water from limestone caves to make sure the water that goes into their process is as pure and iron-free as possible.

3. There are millions of barrels of whiskey just waiting to be sipped

We all know most distilleries age their whiskey, but have you ever wondered just how much whiskey is sitting in barrels waiting to be sipped? Jack Daniels has over 2.3 million barrels currently aging. In the state of Kentucky, there are over 5.7 million barrels aging!

4. These barrels are heavily protected

Most distilleries have a heavy insurance policy on their whiskey barrels. Did you know Jack Daniels owns the largest supply of flame-resistant foam in the Eastern United States? The last thing the distillery would want is their precious goods going up in flames – literally!

5. Whiskey can be made from any grain, including quinoa!

Are you or someone you know a health nut but love a good glass of whiskey at the end of the day? Then you’ll love this fact. Typically, whiskey is made from corn, rye, or barley. But did you know you can make whiskey out of quinoa, buckwheat, or faro? These super-healthy grains can be distilled down to make a delicious sipping whiskey. There are a few different distilleries throughout the United States that make quinoa-based whiskey, so keep your eye out!

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