Bring a Little Fun and Sophistication To Your Drinking Experience

Bring a Little Fun and Sophistication To Your Drinking Experience


Is there anything better than bourbon? The smooth, velvety flavor and the rich amber color make bourbon a difficult beverage to resist. Just the mention of bourbon brings to mind a sophisticated and elaborate dinner party, concluded by sipping bourbon while discussing politics.

Well, that’s some people’s vision, but it might not be for everyone. Some people see their bourbon drinking as a more fun and carefree experience. Whatever category you fall in to, or if you’re somewhere in between, there is one thing we can all agree on. What’s that? Well, if you like your bourbon chilled then we all have the issue of flavor dilution.

Yes, there are some people that like their bourbon with a splash of water. There are many more, though, who prefer their drink to be neat yet chilled. How can that really be possible, though, when you’re dealing with melted ice cubes?

Thank goodness for innovation! And we can be especially grateful for those innovators who like to focus on making the adult drinking experience even more enjoyable. So, what have they come up with that will help those of us who like our drinks neat and chilled?


Whiskey Stones

Whoever thought to replace ice cubes with stainless steel cubes was genius. Whiskey stones are a great ice replacer. They are kept in the freezer, and when you’re ready to use them you simply place them in your glass like you would an ice cube. You can place one or three whiskey stones in your glass depending on how cold you want your drink to be.

The LoBall

The LoBall, by Sipdark, is another amazing innovation. Made of stainless steel like the whiskey stones, the LoBall is attractive and sophisticated. It’s larger than the whiskey stones, so you only need to add one LoBall to your drink to give it a significant chill.

Great Holiday Gift Idea

The gift of bourbon is one that will be treasured and thoroughly enjoyed. It takes an artist to create such a brilliant product. So when you give a gift like this, make sure to add to it an equally artistic accessory. Whiskey stones and the LoBall allow your beverage gift to be savored without losing its true flavor. If you’re looking for a holiday gift to give, or a gift to give for any reason, whiskey stones, LoBalls, and a bottle of something nice will be perfect!

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