The Modern Way to Chill Your Beverage

It’s hard to imagine not being able to enjoy a cool, refreshing beverage on a hot summer day. Yet, it wasn’t that long ago that the idea of an icy cold beverage seemed like utter nonsense to most people. Back in the early 1800s, a man named Frederic Tudor was the first to market the idea of cold beverages. His goal was to ship ice to warm climates. The idea was so ludicrous that ship owners wouldn’t allow him to transport his cold cargo. He had to buy his own boat to follow his dream—something that cost him $5000.00, no small amount in the early 1800s.

Despite his efforts, people weren’t convinced that his idea would work. It took nearly twenty years of persistence, money and effort before Mr. Tudor finally succeeded.

Since those original efforts, beverage chilling has evolved. For years, the only option for beverage chilling was ice. There’s always someone out there, though, who sees room for improvement.

Types of Ice

It was soon discovered that the type of ice used for a beverage had a huge impact on the enjoyment and cooling level of the beverage. Ice experiments soon began and researchers found that optimal beverage chilling had a lot to do with the size of the ice. Depending on the beverage, half sized, full size and grande sized cubes were made. Smaller sizes, for instance, allowed the ice to break down more quickly in blended drinks which allowed for a smoother transition and finish. From there, creators made designer ice, pearled ice, and ice flakes.


Whiskey drinkers enjoy adding a little ice to their drink, but what they don’t like is the flavor of the whiskey when the ice melts. Imagine your last sip of whiskey tasting just as full and strong as the first sip. This is where soapstone cubes come in. Soapstone cubes are frozen and then placed in a drink to cool it. The great thing about them—they don’t melt, therefore they don’t dilute your drink.

Whiskey Bullet and Cubes

A recent addition to soapstone cubes is the whiskey bullet. These are metal beverage chilling accessories that give your drink a modern yet classy look. Like the soapstone, a whiskey bullet is kept in your freezer and then used to chill your whiskey, but it doesn’t dilute the beverage. With a whiskey bullet, you’ll enjoy the full flavor of your drink in a modern, sophisticated, and very cool way.

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