Whiskey Bullets and Cylinder Package

This package includes the Set of 6 Whiskey Bullets, Aluminium Carrying Cylinder and an option for a cherry wooden gift box:

Introducing The Original Whiskey Bullet® Cylinder package! These stainless steel bullets can be used to cool your whiskey, scotch, vodka, white wine, etc. Unlike ice, Whiskey Bullet chill your liquor without diluting the flavors. Each drink is unique and you only get one shot, make it count. The cylinder are anodized black made from aluminium and are manufactured to perfectly hold our signature Whiskey Bullet™. Simply put the the bullets in the cylinder and place in the freezer.

Go full strength. Take your best shot! 

*Cylinder does not get engraved at this time*

If engraving please provide:

  • Text desired
  • Font
  • We will engrave product as described so please be cautious using CAPS
  • Only one engraving style per set unless pre-approved
  • Engraved orders are non-refundable


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