Whiskey Chilling Essentials and Accessories

Whiskey Chilling Essentials and Accessories

At SipDark, we embrace the idea of chilling it, don't dilute it.

That is why we carry a vast range of whiskey chilling accessories, from the original whiskey bullet to stainless steel whiskey cubes.

If you want to chill your whiskey without tampering with its natural flavor and aroma, we highly recommend some of these chilling accessories.

Why Use a Whiskey Chilling Accessory over Ice?

Simple: you want a neat whiskey without the harshness of room temperature tasting.

Ice melts.

It is just a matter of fact (and science).

When the ice in your whiskey starts to melt, that water dilutes the aroma and flavors that distilleries have spent years (sometimes decades) cultivating. If you purchase a 50-year old whiskey or a 10-year whiskey, adding ice will dramatically change the flavors. In fact, you may have washed away the reasons behind why you paid so much for that exclusive bottle.

Whiskeys are refined, and they take on the flavors and colors of their oak barrels where they age and mature. Adding water removes the color, texture, and flavors.

However, that does not mean you should enjoy whiskey at room temperature. At room temperature, whiskey can be, well, harsh. It can burn, and the flavors are not always as exciting.

So, chill it, don’t dilute it, with whiskey chilling accessories.

Which Whiskey Chilling Accessory Should I Use?

You have a few options for accessories, ranging from whiskey bullets to stainless whiskey stones.

Which is better?

Honestly, it is your preference. Some prefer the natural soapstone, while others prefer the sanitation of stainless steel.


You do not even need to own a gun to appreciate the manliness of whiskey bullets.

These items are stainless steel bullets that you pop into the freezer, chill, and then add to your glass of whiskey when you need some chilling.

The Original Whiskey Bullet started the craze, and it has caught on.

SipDark carries the Original Whiskey Bullet as well as the Whiskey Bullet Cylinder – a SipDark exclusive.

Just fill up the cylinder, cock open the freezer, lock, and load.

Want to spruce up the bullet even more? Shoot for:


Engraved with all the United States Armed Forces names and logos.

Custom Engraved

Add a customized message, initials, or image to a set of six stainless steel bullets.

Whiskey Cubes: Stainless or Stone?

Whiskey stones were one of the original non-ice ways to chill a glass of excellent whiskey.

At SipDark, we offer a full lineup of stones, from soapstone to stainless steel.

Both are an excellent alternative to ice, and it comes down to your budget and what you want out of your stones.

Stainless Whiskey Stones

Stainless whiskey stones are one of the best, and while they are called “stones,” they have no rock in them.

Stainless whiskey stones will freeze in one to two hours, hold their chill, and they conduct excellently. Also, there is no risk of reaction or contamination, if they contain food-grade stainless steel.

Most stainless-steel options are dishwasher friendly. So, when you are done, pop them into the dishwasher and enjoy the rest of your night.


Soapstone Whiskey Cubes

Soapstone whiskey cubes are stone. They are made using soapstone, a naturally occurring mineral, and they can be used to cool all your favorite drinks; including a fine whiskey.

They have rounded stone edges, and they cool without diluting. While it is a stone, there are no flavors or smells added to your drink.

You must hand wash actual whiskey stones, but it is worth the extra few minutes at the sink.

Whiskey Chilling Sphere and Balls

From small stainless steel spheres to golf ball look-alikes, there are fun circular objects out there ready for the chilling.

The most famous whiskey chilling sphere is the original LoBall (original and small available).  These stainless-steel chilling spheres have a cooling liquid inside and lower freezing point, so they keep your whiskey chilled longer without ever diluting it.

Unlike stones that might clank the teeth (if you are one to go bottoms up), the whiskey chilling sphere is heavy enough to stay seated at the bottom of the glass.

Want to send a message? We custom engrave whiskey chilling spheres too.

Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Whiskey Chilling Accessories

Whiskey stones and balls might not be the whiskey puritan’s favorite, but the fact is they do not dilute your drink, ever.

However, it is all about the quality of the materials.

At SipDark, we ensure the highest food-grade materials are used, and none of our products will ever impart a smell or taste to your finest whiskeys. They also do not degrade – so feel free to sip on that whiskey for several hours if you must.

To get even more chilling action, put your glassware in the fridge to reduce the temperature further, but never store your whiskey in the refrigerator.

Browse our full line of whiskey chilling accessories, take a look and learn on the blog, or contact us online with your questions.