Bitter Stix By SipDark
Whiskey flavor stick
BitterStix - Whiskey Sticks with Bitters
$ 13.99

BitterStix - Whiskey Sticks with Bitters

Our goal is to give whiskey and cocktail drinkers the ability to craft each drink in a unique way. Made with American Oak, these tuning Stix provide the option to add Natural Oak, Old Fashioned, or Cinnamon flavors to your cocktail. With Bitter Stix you customize each drink to perfection.

Whiskey and other spirits have a strong history of aging in oak barrels. As a testament, Bitter Stix are made of American Oak as used in traditional whiskey barrels. With every stir a slight oak aroma is reintroduced to your drink.

One of our favorite things about Bitter Stix is that they are made 100% in Minnesota. Our prototypes are cut at a local woodshop and the bitters are made by local professionals. The flavor infusing and blending is done using a developed process involving high pressure.


4" x .10"

Each Vessel Includes 8 Sticks