Whiskey Baseball Chillers
Whiskey Baseball Chillers
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Whiskey Baseball Chillers

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Whiskey Baseball Chillers

Dimensions: 1.5" round

Includes 2 Chillers

Velvet bag

Wood gift box. (lid engraved with SipDark logo)

Want to bring baseball even closer to home? Wouldn’t an ice-cold glass of whiskey be the perfect way to kick back and relax? Whether you’re looking for a gift for the baseball fan in your life or just looking for a way to treat yourself, a whiskey baseball chiller will be right up your alley. These cheeky themed whiskey baseballs are perfect for chilling your whiskey to the perfect sipping temperature.


Whiskeys, be it Scotch, rye, Irish whiskey, bourbon chiller, or just your run-of-the-mill whiskey, are full of delicious and complex flavors. When the whiskey is chilled to the perfect temperature, the cooler temperature really lets all the notes the whiskey has to offer shine. Sure, ice cubes are great at cooling down your whiskey to the perfect sipping temperature, but as soon as your ice cubes start melting, your whiskey becomes diluted. And who wants to drink watered down whiskey? No matter what, you don’t want to lose the delicious notes and flavors your whiskey has to offer, especially if you are drinking your whiskey on the rocks. These whiskey baseball chillers also act as a great wine chiller. Just pop them in your glass of white or rose on a hot summer day and enjoy! You do not have to worry about your drink warming up as you sip or as soon as your hand touches the glass.


All you need to get a perfectly chilled glass to put the whiskey baseballs in the freezer four hours before you would like to have a drink. Four hours later, pop the balls out of the freezer, place the whiskey chiller in your glass, pour your whiskey, bourbon, scotch, or whatever other liquor you may be drinking in the glass, let the balls stand for several minutes, and enjoy! Plus, the whiskey balls are super easy to clean. All you need to do is run them under cold water and place them back in the fridge. Even though the balls are glass, they don’t add any flavor or taste to the whiskey.


This whiskey chiller, in a fun golf ball-shaped presentation, is also the perfect present for upcoming birthdays, bachelor, or retirement presents. It is a creative and unique gift that is sure to put a big smile on the receiver’s face!