Whiskey Trends: Pairing Your Spirits with Food

whiskey with food

Everyone’s familiar with pairing beer and wine with food.

You’ll see it at any decent restaurant, winery, or brewery. After all, distilled and aged drinks can enhance the flavor of food in miraculous ways. Popular pairings are wine and cheeses, or light wines and dessert. Craft beer goes well with certain fried foods, and especially a juicy burger, depending on the brew.

But what about whiskey?

You guessed it: Whiskey pairings are becoming the trendy new way to sip and taste. So, order some whiskey in your glass at a restaurant, or try it at home. All you need are the right flavors to make both this liquor and your dishes sing.

Fill Up Your Whiskey Glass and Pair It with These Dishes

Pairing strong spirits with food can be tricky. You want the flavors to complement each other without one drowning the other out. Whiskey is a strong drink, so it can do this easily. As such, you need food with equally strong notes to create a balance.

Here are some good pairings:

1. Johnnie Walker Black and Bourbon-Braised Pork Belly

It makes sense to cook with bourbon, then pair your meal with bourbon. A hearty meat like pork can stand up to the intensity of brown spirits. Other foods that go with bourbon: pickles (any variety – cucumbers, onions, cabbage, you name it) or smoked salmon.

2. Laphroaig 10 Year and Arugula Salad

Arugula is a spicy, peppery green that can stand up to intense flavors. You can mellow out arugula and Scotch with a sweet addition, like watermelon. Don’t be afraid to add a strong cheese to the mix, either. Feta is a nice option with this particular pairing.

3. Talisker 10 Year with Rosemary Potatoes and Roasted Broccolini

Talisker is a strong Scotch with a characteristic peaty flavor. It complements roasted veggies quite well, as these add a smoky, charred note. Rosemary is a nice, balancing herb in the mix.

4. Dessert and Your Whiskey Glass: Glenlivet 10 Year and Panna Cotta

This particular Glenlivet is noted for its “sweet summer fruits” and “the floral notes of spring flowers,” says The Whiskey Exchange. Take their word for it and pair this Scotch with dessert. Make it panna cotta, which is smooth and creamy and will go down well with a smooth spirit.

Whiskey Glass, Whiskey Stones, and Food: The Perfect Trio

Scotch, bourbon, and rye are no longer for sipping after a meal is finished. Now you can sip them with the meal. You just need the right complementary flavors to make sure your taste-buds are happy. You may find that your whiskey glass, whiskey stones, and meal go together like a dream.

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