Whiskey Bullets and Beer: How to Make the Best Boilermaker Ever!

Whiskey Bullet and Beer

The Boilermaker has long been associated with college fraternity parties and the quickest way to get buzzed. It’s no wonder, either – the drink consists of a tall glass of beer combined with a shot of liquor.

No more! These days, a Boilermaker is a chance to experiment and enjoy delectable pairings that are a treat for whiskey and beer aficionados alike.

Whether you’re throwing one back at a dive bar, sipping your whiskey glass slowly at an uptown establishment, or experimenting with flavors in the comforts of home, you’ll enjoy every last drop.

Why Do Whiskey and Beer Go Together?

Whiskey and beer are a nice pair because they have similar ingredient lists: yeast, malted barley, and various grains. Their flavor profiles complement each other, even though one is much stronger than the other. Here are some combinations you should think about pouring in a glass with some whiskey bullets.

1. Dark Beer with Smoked Spirits

If you enjoy dark beer, like porter or stout, you might like it with a smoky whiskey. The flavors of roasted malt and barley work well with peated Scotch whiskeys, for instance. (Malt for a peated Scotch is dried over a peat fire before it’s ground down and put in the still.) This type of Boilermaker will not be friendly to the uninitiated, so Scotch or stout newbies should try something less strong, first.

2. Ambers or Ales with Rye

Beers with lots of malty flavors, like ambers, ales, and ESBs, would go nicely with American rye. These beers are traditionally full-bodied, which complements the spiciness of rye. Canadian rye, on the other hand, is smoother, and would make a good option with ale for any Boilermaker first-timers.

3. Pilsner with Bourbon

When you think of pilsner beer, you probably come up with big brands like Budweiser and Coors. It’s no wonder – these immensely popular beers are easy to drink. They’re light, fizzy, and crisp. You may not immediately pair a pilsner with bourbon – they’re not too similar in flavor, unlike the other pairings on this list. However, you’ll find that a good pilsner mixed with bourbon gives a nice contrast in flavors. The caramelly, spicy notes of the whiskey are enhanced, not overwhelmed, with a light, refreshing beer.  

Get Out the Whiskey Stones and Enjoy a Boilermaker

Even if you’re not at a frat party or a dive bar, you can enjoy a Boilermaker with craft beer and good spirits. Try the flavor pairings listed here, or experiment with your own favorites. You’ll find that the Boilermaker is easily elevated to new heights with the right liquor.

This drink is the perfect way to celebrate with groomsmen at a bachelor party, at a guys-only night, or any day of the week when you crave something a little different. Grab the accessories you need to make imbibing truly special and check out the selection at SipDark.

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