Unforgettable Groomsmen Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

You’re tying the knot, forging the ball and chain, committing to a life-long partnership with the love of your life.

Whatever you call it, you’ve just picked up a heaping helping of responsibilities for the big day.

One of those responsibilities you absolutely cannot forget is the groomsmen gift tradition. Think about it – while being a groomsmen or best man can be a great time and a memorable experience, it’s also a huge pain in the keister. You have to rent a tux or buy a suit, you have to help plan (and then execute) a bachelor party.

Neither of those things is cheap by the way, especially if the bachelor party plans involve travel, gambling - or both.

Let Your Friends Know How Much You Appreciate Them

It’s a big job – don’t your buddies deserve a little something special for their efforts?

Below, we’ve collected a list of some of the best whiskey-related groomsmen gifts on the market!

Angel’s Share Glass Whiskey Diluting Dropper Set

Any whiskey aficionado knows that while there’s nothing wrong with a whiskey neat, the strong alcohol vapors can sometimes overpower the flavor of a mellow Scotch or whiskey.

While some choose to drop a single ice cube in their glass (and we won’t get into that argument here), the more proper thing to do is to splash a drop or two of spring water in their tumbler.

If your groomsmen are whiskey guys (or aspiring whiskey guys), a classy whiskey diluting dropper can add a touch of class and functionality to their home sideboard.

You choose how much you want to dilute your whiskey, and it comes with a beautiful oak cask stave and a dram glass.

A Whiskey-Scented Man Candle

This gift works especially as a corollary to other gifts. Setting up a groomsmen basket gift? Make sure to tuck a whiskey-scented candle right in there and they’ll be sure to never forget your gift.

With 15 hours of burn time, this whiskey candle will turn any groomsmen’s home office, garage, or rec room into a noir-style private detective’s office with just the flick of a match.

Engraved Bullet Whiskey Stones

If your groomsmen love a good slug of rye, bourbon, or scotch at the end of the day, then an engraved bullet whiskey stone will be a welcome sight in their rocks glass.

Ice can dilute your drink more than you like, but a glass of whiskey cooled to just under room temperature can really open up the flavor. These whiskey bullets are made out of stainless steel and are easy to use – just pop them in the freezer until cold and put one (or as many as you like) into your glass to achieve the desired temperature.

Plus, Sipdark will engrave your bullet whiskey stones with the names of your groomsmen, or an inside joke you all share, or even what branch of the military they’re in.

Cufflinks Made from Real Whiskey Barrels

Cufflinks are a no-brainer gift for groomsmen – not only is it good for a man to have some truly excellent cufflinks for any formal event, they can use them for the wedding. It’s the gift that they get to wear the day you give it to them, and for the future. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Plus, these cufflinks are understated and elegant – they’re not gaudy Tie Fighters or skulls. Instead, they show off a small circle of aged oak in a simple silver frame. The wood comes from Tennessee whiskey barrels, which is about as American and manly as you can get.

Ever Heard of Whiskey Sticks?

This is another perfect “gift basket” item to compliment a slew of themed gifts for your groomsmen.

Whiskey sticks are really cool – they’re basically a quick and dirty method to add a little flavor to your cocktail (or just any glass of whiskey). Whiskey sticks are flavored sticks made from American oak, and they come in different varieties.

You’ve got smoky oak, which works for any neat glass of whiskey or whiskey cocktail. The “old fashioned” flavor works great in a – you guessed it – old fashioned. Citrus also works with an old fashioned or a mint julip, and the cinnamon could work for a hot toddy or any spicy whiskey cocktail.

Grab a couple flavors, toss them in a basket (or a metal bucket, much more masculine) with a wet shave kit, an engraved pocket knife, and maybe even a decent bottle of whiskey.

The Perfect Groomsmen Gifts for Your Best Guy Friends

Your groomsmen are there to protect you and your future marriage (and hopefully help you have a good time on the way).

Why not treat them right with one of these whiskey-themed groomsmen gifts from Sipdark right now?

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