The Perfect Groomsman Gifts for a Whiskey-Loving Best Man


So your wedding is around the corner, and you’ve asked your closest friend to be your best man. Great!

Not only will your best man be there to support you on your big day, he’ll be giving a speech and reminding your guests of your life as a single man.

It’s a very important role in a wedding, and traditionally, a best man is thanked by the groom with groomsmen gifts.

If your groomsman is a whiskey lover, then there are some great ideas you can consider. SipDark has some great whiskey accessories available to make your groomsmen gift feel truly personal.

1. Engraved Groomsman Gifts

SipDark provides a custom engraving service, meaning you can purchase some of the very best whiskey drinking accessories and complement them with a personal engraving. This unique touch will makes this gift a lasting and meaningful present for your best man.

The custom engraved loball whiskey sphere is ideal for your groomsman to chill his whiskey without damaging flavor and taste.

The custom engraving service can also be used on SipDark’s famous whiskey bullets. These are steel whiskey chillers in the shape of a bullet that come in sets of three or six.

2. Decanters

Every whiskey lover needs a quality decanter. These are one of the best groomsman gifts you can offer, as they not only serve an useful purpose, but they can be displayed nicely in an office, dining room or kitchen. They provide years (or decades) of useful life.

Decanters aren’t difficult to find, either. You’ll find a huge range of glass or crystal decanters in specialist whiskey stores, and you can even include a number of quality glasses to create the ultimate glass or crystal whiskey set.

3. Hip Flask

A Hip Flask is a traditional gift that whiskey lovers will enjoy for many years.

A quality hip flask will come with metal stoppers and funnels to make it easy to replace the whiskey in the flask. A metal hip flask will do the job, but if you’re willing to spend more, you can purchase stunning leather-clad hip flasks.

Whiskey lovers may already own a hip flask, so if you do decide to purchase one, consider getting it engraved or choosing an extra special and high quality piece. If you do decide to get one engraved, consider engraving their name or initials onto the flask. No need to add the date of your wedding—your groomsman will never forget where they got it!

4. Whiskey Dropper

Finally, consider a quality whiskey dropper. SipDark offers the Angels’ Share Whiskey Dropper Set.

These droppers make it easy to add just the right amount of water to your whiskey. No more guessing how much water to add, and no more putting your glass underneath the kitchen tap!

Handmade in Scotland by master craftsmen, this is an extremely high quality gift that your groomsman will cherish for many years.

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