The Foodie’s Guide to Whiskey – How to Pair Food and Drinks

Food and Whiskey

Food lovers know how satisfying it can be to perfectly match a meal with a wine, but did you know that whiskey is also a great accompaniment to food? The Scots know this all too well, and have long been matching food with their wide range of Scotch whiskies.

So whether you’re a foodie looking to branch out from wine, or a whiskey enthusiast who loves to eat, we’ve got a handy guide that introduces you to some of the most popular foods to pair with your favorite regular or single malt whiskey.

These Foods Go Great with Whiskey

1. Cheese

You probably knew already, but cheese is an amazing accompaniment to whiskey – as it is to port and other spirits. Try pairing a good Scotch whiskey with a spicy aroma, with a smoky cheese. A lighter whiskey with a sweeter taste will go great with soft cheese, including brie. Sweet whiskey can also go great with the likes of a cranberry Wensleydale cheese, which is crumbly, sweet, and moreish.

2. Tangy Fruits

A tangy fruit goes extremely well with any quality whiskey, but be sure to avoid fruits that contain citrus. An orange, for instance, simply has too strong a taste. The flavor and smell will completely mask the flavor of your whiskey, ruining the purpose of combining the two! Opting for apples and pears, or other tart fruits, is a much better option, and can really help bring out the natural flavors in your whiskey.

3. Lamb Stew

Pairing an earthy whiskey with a lamb stew, full of root vegetables like carrots and potatoes, will really bring out its flavor. The earthy flavor of the vegetables, the rich

and saucy lamb, and the woody flavor of a quality scotch is a combination you won’t soon forget about.

4. Orange Chocolate

So a real orange doesn’t suit a whiskey all too well, as we’ve already established, but that doesn’t mean orange chocolate is out of the question. Try pairing a piece of orange chocolate with a whiskey that contains citrus notes. It’s a complementary flavor and one that feels particularly festive.

How to Discover Your Own Combinations

Remember that pairing a whiskey with food is not just about finding two things that go well together, it’s about bringing out something new in your whiskey – or bringing out a new flavor in your food!

So for instance, you should automatically rule out anything that is too spicy, or anything that has lots of garlic. These are really intense flavors and they will ruin the flavor of your whiskey. The flavors can also stay in your mouth for quite a while, meaning you won’t be able to taste the subtleties in your whiskey’s flavor.

A general rule is also that foot cooked with fat, or butter, will go nicely with whiskey. Whether it’s meat or vegetables, the fat used in the cooking will coat your tongue, creating a base in which your whiskey will dissolve and release its flavors.

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