How to Stock Your Home Bar

Whether you entertain friends on the regular or you just like having a delicious drink at the end of the day, having a well-stocked home bar is always a good idea. For all you whiskey enthusiasts out there, we’ve put together a handy list of everything you need to impress even the snobbiest of whiskey sippers, right from your own home!

Keep Your Drinks Cool with Whiskey Rocks

Our motto here at Sip Dark is ‘Sip it, Chill it, and don’t dilute it.” If you’re new to the whiskey world and just put ice in your whiskey to chill it, consider purchasing whiskey rocks.  As regular ice melts in your drink, the water starts diluting down your whiskey. This can be troublesome especially if you’re enjoying a pricier whiskey beverage. Let’s be real – who wants to drink watered down whiskey? Whiskey rocks solve this problem and more. They keep your drink at the perfect sipping temperature.

However, although you don’t want to dilute your drink too much, adding a drop of water brings out all the different flavor compounds in the whiskey. To get the perfect amount of water in your drink, we recommend using a whiskey diluting dropper. You probably won’t be able to tell that there is water in your drink, but the drop will really highlight all the delicious flavors.

Another pro tip: pop a few ice cubes in the glass before adding the whiskey. Swirl the ice cubes around the glass until the glass is chilled. Remove the ice cubes and add the whiskey

Have a Whiskey Bible Handy

Even the most knowledgeable of whiskey connoisseurs don’t know everything. That’s why Jim Murray, the world’s leading whiskey guide, created a pocket-sized guide on all things whiskey related, including easy-to-understand tasting notes on over 4,000 of the world’s top whiskey. Use the bible to brush up your knowledge or to learn some facts to impress your friends or colleagues.

Serve Your Whiskey in the Right Glasses

Glassware can really affect how your beverage tastes! Don’t just sip your whiskey out of any old glass. Every home bar should be stocked with a good set of rocks glasses. To really up your whiskey game, consider custom engraving your glass with your initials or a clever saying.

If you’re keen on trying several different whiskeys, consider purchasing a flight set. This will allow you to try smaller quantities of whiskey so you can compare and contrast the flavors as you sip. A set of flight glasses also makes the perfect companion for a guys night in – the matching glasses will let you cheers to your favorite whiskey with your favorite company.

Last But Not Least, Whiskey!

You may have all these great whiskey accessories, but what use are they without a whiskey to drink with them? We’d recommend stocking your bar with three different bottles to start. Try a bottle of Scotch, bourbon, and one pricier bottle of whiskey for special occasions. If you’re one for cocktails, a bottle of Angosta bitters and simple syrup will complement your whiskey nicely. For garnish, it depends on your taste! Lemons and oranges always compliment whiskey cocktails nicely, as do cherries and cinnamon sticks.

Looking to stock up your bar but don’t know where to start? Check out to make all your whiskey wishes come true. We’ll cheers to that!

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