New Irish Whiskey Distillery Set for July Launch

A Slane distillery, located in Boyne Valley in County Meath, has announced it will be fully constructed and operating by July. The distillery, on the grounds of the famous Slane Castle, is set to produce a ‘superb Irish whiskey experience’ by summer 2017.

The new Slane distillery has cost 47 million Euros (49 million USD) to build, but began construction way back in September 2015. The project is now in its final stages of development, with builders and project managers completing the last touches before they can begin producing their own Irish whiskey.

The owners – a father and son team named Henry and Alex Conyngham – collaborated with Brown-Forman, a US-based spirits company that has years of experience in the industry. This new distillery, however, will be the first that Brown-Forman has not just built in Europe, but outside the United States. 

You may already know Brown-Forman for their work producing popular spirits including Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, and Finlandia vodka. Operating some of the largest spirit brands in the world, the company posted more than $3bn in revenue last year.

What the Owners Say

Alex Conyngham, speaking of the Slane Distillery’s upcoming launch, explained “As Slane Distillery nears its completion, it is uplifting and inspiring to see our shared vision of having a distillery become a reality.”

His sentiments were echoed by John Hayes, the chief marketing officer for Brown-Forman, who said “We are proud and excited to introduce Slane Irish Whiskey and begin production at Slane Distillery.”

Hayes continued, “As Brown-Forman expands its whiskey portfolio, we are confident that Slane will offer a superb Irish whiskey experience and taste.”

When Will it Launch?

While the new distillery is expected to launch by July, Brown-Forman is claiming that the new Slane Irish Whiskey will be launching in Ireland as soon as April. Once launched in the Irish market, the new whiskey will be released gradually to the United States (one of the largest whiskey markets in the world), the United Kingdom, and Australia in the middle of 2017.

So while you may be keen to try this latest Irish whiskey, you won’t be able to get your hands on any until later this summer, unless you live in Ireland.

What is Slane Castle?

Slane Castle is a historic 18th Century castle in Slane, in the Boyne Valley of County Meath, in Ireland. The castle is known for its ornate interior, as well as its expansive grounds, which have been owned by the Conyngham family since it was built.

The family, originally Scottish and Protestant, moved to Ireland in 1611 and asserted control over land near Donegal Town.

As well as being home to stunning grounds and now a whiskey distillery, Slane Castle has also been hosting concerts in its grounds since 1981. It uses a natural amphitheater to host 80,000 people who come to see huge stars, including The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Oasis and others perform.

Where to Find the Whiskey

For more information about Slane Irish Whiskey, including its official launch date, and information about its flavor, head over to the official website.

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