Great U.S. Army Birthday Gifts and Treat Ideas



The United States Army was founded in 1775, on June 14. That means the 242nd birthday of the US Army is just days away, and if you’re looking for a way to celebrate, then SipDark has some great ideas.

Whether you’re planning on celebrating with friends, or you’re looking for some great army gifts for loved ones who are currently serving or who have served in the Army, Navy, or Air Force, we have something perfect.

Amazing Whiskey-Related Gifts

Looking for Army, Navy, and Marine Corps gifts for a loved one who enjoys whiskey? SipDark has you covered with a great range of gift sets.

The Whiskey Gift Box

SipDark’s exclusive Whiskey Gift Box is the perfect present to celebrate the United States Army’s birthday. For just $79.99, this beautifully-presented gift box includes some of SipDark’s most popular products. The limited release bundle comes in a wooden box that can be personally engraved, making it extra special. A personal message can also be etched into the underside of the slide-top lid.

Inside you’ll find one high quality Glencairn Glass, as well as a pack of whiskey toothpicks, made in the USA and presented in a leather case. There is also a set of three Whiskey Stones – and you can choose between the soapstone or steel variations. These are SipDark’s popular alternative to ice cubes, allowing whiskey lovers to enjoy a cold beverage without diluting the flavors in their glass.

There is also a whiskey candle, which is made in the United States and creates a fragrant whiskey smell. There’s even a field notes journal – a must-have for whiskey enthusiasts. In this journal, your loved one can write down their plans, thoughts, and the flavors they experience every time they try a new whiskey.  What better Army, Marine Corps or Navy gift on the US Army’s birthday, than SipDark’s special Whiskey Gift Box?

Accessories for the Perfect Social Gathering

Getting together to celebrate with friends? Take a look at some of Sip Dark’s most popular drinking accessories. From quality glasses to beverage cooling innovations, you’ll have everything you need to relax and enjoy yourself.

The Original Whiskey Bullet

The Original Whiskey Bullet from SipDark is one of our most popular beverage cooling accessories. Coming in sets of three and six, these are stainless steel bullets that are designed to be frozen and then used for chilling beverages like whiskey, vodka, and even white wine. The stones cool your drink without changing the flavor through dilution.

The Glencairn Copita Nosing Glass

Don’t miss a single flavor with this special edition Glencairn Glass. The Copita nosing glass is not just stylish – it also features a tulip-shaped bowl, which means the scents and aroma are concentrated and more intense. This makes it possible to really experience the whiskey you drink during this US Army birthday.

Discover So Much More!

SipDark’s online store is packed full of great whiskey accessories. Be sure to take a look and see how you can enjoy the US Army’s 242nd birthday with friends, great whiskey, and innovative whiskey accessories.

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