Great Birthday Gifts for the Guy Who Loves Whiskey


Is your husband or boyfriend’s birthday coming up soon? Are you looking for his birthday gifts? If your loved one is a big fan of whiskey, SipDark has an amazing range of accessories that enhance the whiskey drinking experience. We also have a number of whiskey-related products that could prove to be some of the best husband and boyfriend birthday gifts.

Make his birthday extra special with anything from the extensive SipDark collection!


Cufflinks are a classic boyfriend and husband gift – they are timeless, can be used for the rest of his life, and give him a wider choice of accessories to wear with suits and formal outfits. At SipDark, we have two great sets of cufflinks that are related to our whiskey products.

1. Bullet Shaped Cufflinks

SipDark’s Bullet Shaped Cufflinks are modelled after our extremely popular Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones. They’re made of stainless steel with copper edges. They’re ideal for wearing with silver and gold watches and other jewelry owing to the dual-color design.

2. Glencairn Glass Cufflinks

Our Glencairn Glass Cufflinks are ideal for big whiskey fans – they are enamel cufflinks that come in their own Glencairn glass box. They’re ideal not just as boyfriend birthday gifts, but also as groomsmen gifts.

Whiskey Droppers

Whiskey droppers can help whiskey lovers ensure that they only add the tiniest of drops of water to their glass. SipDark has a special individual dropper, as well as a set.

1. Angels’ Share Whiskey Dropper

Handmade in Scotland, the Angels’ Share Whiskey Dropper is 200mm in length, and it comes with its own pot still topper. It’s also presented in a velvet lined box, making it a really attractive and meaningful gift.

2. Angels’ Share Whiskey Dropper Set

This whiskey dropper set comes with a display stand made from vintage oak whiskey barrels. The stand as well as the dropper are hand-crafted in Scotland, and you can choose between a thistle or a pot still topper.

Beverage Chilling

SipDark also has a range of beverage chilling accessories that allow whiskey drinkers to enjoy a cold beverage without diluting their drink.

1. Loball Whiskey Spheres

This LoBall Whiskey Sphere can be used to chill whiskey, scotch, vodka, and other beverages. It’s a large steel ball that contains a cooling liquid that has a lower freezing point than water – which keeps your whiskey cooler for longer.

2. The Original Whiskey Bullet

The Original Whiskey Bullet is a classic SipDark product. It’s a stainless steel bullet that can be frozen to chill beverages, coming in sets of three or six. The bullets also come in wooden boxes which can be engraved.

3. Steel Whiskey Stones

Don’t like bullets? Our Steel Whiskey Stones come in sets of three and six. These are metal “ice” cubes that have rounded corners to ensure they don’t scratch the glass!

Check out the full SipDark store for more inspiration. You’ll find everything from beverage chilling accessories to whiskey-related tee shirts and books!

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