Four Great Accessories for Whiskey Lovers this St. Patrick’s Day

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If there was ever a perfect time for great whiskey, it’s St. Patrick’s day. On the 17th of March, America will be celebrating this traditional Irish holiday, and what better way to enjoy the day than with a cool glass of Irish whiskey?

Today, SipDark would like to show you four of our favorite whiskey accessories and gifts.

A Classic Glencairn Glass

Sure, it might be Scottish in origin, but let’s not forget the historic links between the Scottish and Irish people!

The Glencairn glass is one of the most popular glasses used by whiskey lovers, and our $7.99 glass can even be engraved with text or images to make them extra special.

With its tapered pedestal sham, and the high-quality glass used to make this a weighty and comfortable glass to hold, this is a perfect gift for a loved one, or yourself!

Fanelli Cigar Rest and Bottle Opener

Is a glass of Irish whiskey really complete on St. Patrick’s day without a good cigar?

SipDark’s very own Fanelli Cigar Rest (and bottle opener!) is a thoughtfully designed, precision-machined aluminum accessory. During the initial design phase, it became evident that a bottle-opening feature could be incorporated without fundamentally changing the design – and it’s proven to be a hit.

Just $24.95, this quality cigar rest comes in gold, silver and black, and it’s just waiting to become a permanent fixture in your home. 

Whiskey Stones Chill Without Diluting

It’s great to have a perfectly chilled glass of Irish whiskey, but ice cubes simply don’t give you enough time to savor the flavor. Thanks to SipDark’s soapstone drink stones, you won’t have to worry about your beverage being diluted.

Made entirely from natural soapstone, our SipDark whiskey stones stay at the bottom of the glass, allowing you to enjoy the flavors and aromas without floating cubes. Each stone is rounded at its edges, too, to protect your favorite glass from scratching.

These stones don’t change the flavor or smell of your drink, and by simply placing them in your freezer for four hours or more, you’ll be able to quickly chill your whiskey.

You can add one, two, three or even four whiskey stones to your glass – which is perfect, given our popular whiskey stones gift set comes with three or six stones. They even come in an attractive wooden storage box.

Staying Comfy on the Couch This Year?

If this St. Patrick’s Day is going to be spent on the couch with a loved one, catching up on your favorite shows or watching a movie, then we’ve got something even better. Our ‘There’s a chance this is whiskey’ mug is the perfect way to enjoy a Hot Toddy.

Made from thick ceramic, this mug is the perfect accompaniment for hot whiskey. It is  also microwave and dishwasher safe, and ideal for everything from morning coffee to a hearty mug of soup.

So whichever way you’re spending your St. Patrick’s Day, make sure your Irish whiskey is accompanied by some of the very best accessories!

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