Best Groomsman Gifts for Members of the Armed Forces

A groomsman who is also a member of the Armed Forces is much more than just a friend – he or she is literally fighting for your freedom and your marriage. For this reason, planning the right gift for your groomsman is important.

Here at SipDark, we have an amazing range of whiskey accessories, but we also know there are many different ways to honor your best man. Take a look at some of these best groomsman gifts for members of the Navy and Army.

Original Whiskey Bullets and Whiskey Bullet Cylinder

One of SipDark’s most famous products is our set of Whiskey Bullets. These are stainless steel bullets that are designed to be frozen and then used to chill everything from whiskey to vodka. It’s an ideal way of chilling your liquor without affecting the flavor through melting ice.

In addition to the Whiskey Bullet, we have the official Whiskey Bullet Cylinder. This is an anodized black aluminum cylinder, designed to look just like the cylinder of a gun. This special holder keeps your Whiskey Bullets in place – ideal for placing a full set in the freezer, or for taking them with you on your travels. These are ideal Army and Navy gifts, or as a special “thank you” to your best man.

If you’d like to buy the two at once, we have a special Whiskey Bullets and Cylinder Package, as well as the option of a cherry wooden gift box. It’s ideal as a personalized groomsman gift, as you can engrave the bullets as well as the wooden gift box.

Specially-Selected Cigars

Cigars are another fantastic option as a groomsman gift. They can be saved for a special occasion, and they will remind your groomsman of that special day he spent with his friends and loved ones.

If you’re not too familiar with cigars, be sure to visit a fine tobacconist who will be able to help you choose the most suitable variety. If you want to make the gift extra special, you can also pick up SipDark’s multifunctional cigar rest..

Not only is it made from high quality aluminum, but it serves as a bottle opener.

Swiss Army Knife

Another great opportunity for a personalized groomsman gift is a Swiss Army Knife. Not only is this ideal for a member of the Armed Forces, but it’s a must-have for any active man or woman. There are many varieties of these knives available on the market, with many including novelty items like bottle openers and cork screws, and others which contain important blades and tools for camping and survival.

A Swiss Army Knife that contains an inscription can be used for the rest of your friend’s life, and it is particularly useful for someone in the Armed Forces.

Single Malt Whiskey

Let’s not beat around the bush – we’re a whiskey site, and we love whiskey. As well as our famous Whiskey Bullets, why not pick up a great quality single malt for your best man? You can enjoy it together after the big day.

Any of these gifts will be sure to please your best man. Just remember to keep it personal, and it will mean a lot!

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