5 Whiskey Cocktails You’ve Never Heard Of

Try These Amazing and Quirky Whiskey Cocktails

So, you’ve recently picked up some of our amazing whiskey drink stones or a classic Glencairn glass as a girlfriend or boyfriend birthday gift. Perhaps you’re just a big fan of whiskey yourself, and you’re interested in trying something new.

Maybe, even, you’ve purchased a personalized groomsman gift and you want to make sure you and the special people in your life can really enjoy your whiskey.

Whatever it is, there are many classic whiskey cocktails you can enjoy, but there are plenty of recipes you might never have heard of. Take a look at these five whiskey cocktails you’ve probably never heard of, and see which one takes your fancy!

Cola and Peanut Whiskey Cocktail

The last two things you would have ever put with whiskey might be cola and peanut, but it’s sure worth a try. Mixologists are turning to new and interesting ingredients to create cocktails that are baffling, exciting and surprisingly delicious,

The cola and peanut whiskey cocktail was developed in Birmingham, Alabama, and is a really exciting treat for whiskey lovers. To make it, you’ll need 1 ¾ oz. Of Jack Daniel’s, a bottle of Coca Cola, and 1 oz. of peanut orgeat.

Peanut orgeat can be made at home. To do this, put peanuts in a food processor, and pulverize them. Then, combine 1 ½ cups of sugar and 1 ¼ cups of water in a saucepan. Over medium heat, wait until the sugar dissolves completely, and then allow the mixture to boil for around three minutes. Add the peanut mixture to the water, and then lower the heat to let the contents simmer for three or four more minutes until you see it about to boil. At this point, remove the pan from the hob, cover it up and let it sit for six hours before you strain it through a cheese cloth.

To create the whiskey, pour your whiskey and peanut orgeat into a glass, over ice, and top it up with cola. If you like, you can even garnish it with some roasted peanuts.

The Hot Blooded

If you like spice, then the Hot Blooded might be right for you. Made using the amazing blood orange and a medium-sized jalapeno, this is a really exciting whiskey cocktail you’ve probably never heard of.

To make the Hot Blooded, you’ll need a cup of freshly squeezed blood orange juice, 1 tablespoons of Agave, 4 fluid ounces of whiskey (of your choice!) and a medium-sized jalapeno that has been shopped, with the stem removed.

To start, get yourself a cocktail shaker and add the whiskey, blood orange juice and the agave. Stir it until everything is combined, and then add your chopped jalapenos. Put on the shaker cap, and shake it up three times. Don’t shake too many times!

Then, pour the cocktail through a strainer so you’re not drinking jalapeno seeds, into a Glencairn glass with ice. You can garnish with orange of pepper if you like, but small pieces of jalapeno are easy to choke on when drinking.

The Bacon Old Fashioned

You’ve probably heard of the Old Fashioned, but what about the Bacon Old Fashioned? This is a real manly whiskey cocktail that infuses a meaty flavor, along with a hint of sweetness from maple syrup.

To make the cocktail, you’ll need 2 ounces of bacon-infused bourbon. You will likely have to make this yourself. You can do this by cooking three or four slices of bacon in a frying ban. Reserve any of the fat. Once the bacon fat has cooled off, pour roughly one ounce of fat out from the pan.

Take a non-porous container of your choice, pour in your bourbon, and then strain the bacon fat into the mixture. Stir and leave the whiskey to infuse for up to 6 hours at room temperature. 

To remove the fat from the bourbon again, place the container in the freezer until the fat freezes solid. Then, you can remove the fat using a slotted spoon, and put the whiskey back in the bottle. That makes your bacon-infused bourbon!

To make the cocktail, mix 2 ounces of your bacon-infused bourbon with a ¼ ounce of maple syrup, and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters in a glass. Over ice, this is an extremely tempting cocktail, and you can finish it off with an orange twist.

The Fourth Down

Combining lime, whiskey, syrup, Montreal steak sauce and Tabasco, this might sound a little odd – but it’s worth a try. Combining tartness and plenty of spice, this is a perfect whiskey cocktail to go with a steak or other meat-based meal.

To make this cocktail, you’ll need 8 ounces of American whiskey, 1 ounce of syrup, Tabasco sauce, Montreal steak seasoning and the juice of two limes. Start by combining all your ingredients in a pitcher with ice, and stir. There’s not much to the actual making of the cocktail, but you will need to make a little effort with the serving.

Take your glasses and add Montreal steak seasoning to the rim. Pour your cocktail in to the glasses and add a little Tabasco sauce to finish. A lime wedge is an ideal garnish.

Bourbon Sweet Tea

Finally, be sure to try the Bourbon Sweet Tea. To make this, you’ll need 1 cup of homemade sweet tea, 1 ounce of bourbon, a lemon wedge, and some mint leaves.

To make the sweet tea, take 8 black tea bags and pour in 3 cups of boiling water to a large container. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, stir, and leave to steep for 15 minutes. Then, add 3 cups of cold water, stir, and pour the mixture into a pitcher and leave it in the refrigerator until it’s cool.

TO make your cocktail, add the tea, bourbon, and a dash of lemon juice into a glass and stir. Serving with ice is ideal as a summery cocktail drink, and you can top it with mint leaves and a lemon wedge.

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