5 Details That Make Jack Daniels Stand a Little Taller

5 Details That Make Jack Daniels Stand a Little Taller

When it comes to American born whiskey, none have the stellar reputation that backs the Jack Daniels’ brand. Its smooth taste and robust aroma are revered around the world. Arguably, it has become the most recognizable spirit of its kind, making it an icon of the liquor industry. Behind that trademark label is a vast history that is as rich as its caramel color. These 5 brand secrets are just the tip of the iceberg for the stories that these bottles can tell:

1. You Can’t Do Jack With Jack Daniels in the County Where it is Produced

The distillery that produces Jack Daniels is located in Moore County, Tennessee. Moore County is one of the few places on earth where the sale of alcohol is expressly prohibited in both restaurants and stores. Even if you live within walking distance of the distillery, you will need to travel to a different county in order to get a bottle of your own.

2. Ten Grand Will Buy You a Barrel

If you happen to have $10,000 lying around, you can invest it in your own unique barrel of Jack Daniels. The “Buy the Barrel” program gives you the entire contents and the barrel that it was produced in. This equates to 240 bottles; $42 for each one plus a charred white oak barrel as a keepsake. Each batch is never completely the same, so only you (and your friends if they are lucky) will ever know the exact taste that came from yours.

3. Jack Has 3 Brothers

There are actually 4 varieties of Jack Daniels, and even those can be varied with different proofs. The original, is of course, Jack Daniel’s Old no. 7, but you also have Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, and Tennessee Honey. The distillery sometimes produces cousins as well, making different versions that are only available as a limited edition.

4. You Can Customize Jack

On the Jack Daniel’s Facebook page is an option to make your own Gentleman Jack label that can be affixed over the typical one. This is a great gift idea for the whiskey lover in your life. Up to ten labels a month can be customized, and each one can have up to 26 characters or 2 lines.

5. The Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller is a Hard Job to Catch

For almost 150 years, there have only been 7 master distillers named for the production of Jack Daniels. Jack Daniel himself was of course the first, followed by a short line of professionals who took their position very seriously. The master distiller is the most important person involved in the production of whiskey, as it is they who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that every drop of Jack sold lives up to the company’s stellar reputation.

High quality and a superb finish are the signatures that have built the Jack Daniels brand to the high status it holds today. It makes no difference if your Jack is straight or with some Coke, when you order Jack Daniels, you know that you are getting a taste of the best.
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