4 Whiskey Trends in 2017

Prevailing Trends in the Whiskey Industry

Whiskey is such a popular type of drink that it has led to a thriving community.

With so many drinkers interested in the latest efforts of brewers, new trends develop regularly in the whiskey industry.

As things change, those with an interest in the drink want to stay informed. Here are 4 whiskey trends to look for in 2017.

Trends in Flavor, Age, and Accessories

1. Blended Drinks Grow in Popularity

Why settle for just one flavor in your whiskey when there are so many options to choose from? Mixing and matching doesn’t always lead to a tasty result, but more brewing companies are seeing the benefits of betting on blends.

In an industry where purity and consistency have historically been held in high regard, a boom in blends signals changes. Blends are no longer considered to be diluted or inferior. Many people think blended whiskey has a better taste and goes down easier.

2. Age is Becoming Less of a Factor

Like the purist mentality that caused blended whiskey to struggle for so long, the emphasis on age has presented certain challenges for whiskey manufacturers. With demands for the popular beverage soaring, brewers don’t have enough supply to age their drinks the way they once did.

However, this may not be an issue – many people are putting less of an emphasis on age claims. They’re having a minimal impact on sales, leading whiskey companies to focus on other perks of the drink.

3. Flavored Whiskey Has its Own Market

Flavored whiskey is considered a delicious treat by some, and a novelty by others. The latter group usually puts an emphasis on a purer taste. While there are still plenty of brands on the market that offer this, there is also a budding market for flavored whiskey.

Those who enjoy this drink may not be die-hard fans of whiskey. However, the large number of casual drinkers who enjoy flavored whiskey can be seen in rising inventories. Though the purer drinks are usually available at dedicated facilities, retailers are carrying more flavored whiskey than ever before.

4. Accessories Are Catching On

Custom glassware, elegant-looking droppers, and sleek chillers are all the types of accessories that can enhance a drinking experience. The market for accessories has grown over the years, as these handy items serve as great gift ideas.

An Evolving Market for Whiskey Lovers

These are just a few of the whiskey trends, which will continue on in 2017. This popular beverage has led to a competitive and diverse market, providing options for drinkers of all tastes and lifestyles.

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